Webinars: Listen again to 16 October 'Autodesk Alias Class-A Surfacing: Accelerating Design Development'
by CDN Team    17 Oct 2013
The Webinar taught you how to adopt Alias skills and workflows. Click for larger images
The advantages of Alias for Class-A Surfacing were also covered

You can now listen again to the latest Webinar in the Autodesk series, 'Autodesk Alias Class-A Surfacing: Accelerating Design Development', which took place on 16 October.

This webinar illustrated how using Autodesk Alias for Class-A modeling can deliver value-added business and technical benefits and how it helps OEMs provide seamless end-to-end design development.

Topics covered included:

  •  External and internal challenges facing automotive design
  • Advantages of Alias for Class-A Surfacing
  • How to adopt Alias skills and workflows

This is part of the 2013 series of Autodesk Webinars that includes:

  • Concept modeling for automotive
  • Using the T-rig tool in real life

Presenting this Webinar was Simon Alford, technical manager for Majenta Solutions. He supports Majenta's diverse automotive customer-base including: Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, Bentley Motors, Lotus Cars and McLaren.

With over 20 years of experience in automotive design and CAD software development, Simon has trained and consulted in technical surface modeling across transportation design, industrial design, consumer product and F1 industries. He's worked as a ‘digital sculptor' at Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover and has extensive knowledge of the design development process and surface modeling methodologies. Simon was previously 'NX Product Manager Automotive Design' for Siemens PLM Software where he led competitive design benchmarks for OEMs worldwide.

Simon is passionate about design and surface modeling, and is committed to delivering software solutions that exceed customer expectations. His drive, energy, vision and expertise ensure he is well placed to add value for Majenta's customers and prospective customers, and spearhead the charge to help them better leverage Autodesk technologies across their Design process.

To listen again to the Webinar, click here.