Webinars: Listen again to Autodesk 'Automotive visualization, new quality standards in Virtual Prototyping'
by Rufus Thompson    28 Mar 2013
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Autodesk presented its latest Webinar, 'Automotive visualization, new quality standards in Virtual Prototyping', on 11 April.

Virtual Prototyping is one of the most important steps in the development of a new car allowing the evaluation of a prototype in different aspects before it's even built. Autodesk's new VRED product line can be used throughout the whole design and construction process on a single data basis, without the need to re-do work.

The webinar showed participants the capabilities of VRED and covered:

  • Working with a huge amount of data in real time
  • High quality OpenGL rendering
  • High quality, real time ray tracing rendering
  • Reflection/refraction behaviour evaluation
  • Surface analysis of direct NURBS data
  • Measuring tools for gap analysis
  • Accurate evaluation of light
  • Evaluation of measured materials (BTF)

The Webinar was presented by Autodesk's Alexander Grasse, who was a co-founder and CTO of the recently acquired PI-VR; adding high-class, innovative visualization solutions which strengthen and expands the existing expertise and offerings of Autodesk visualization in the automotive sector. Alexander brings a wealth of experience to the development, testing and implementation of new features in VRED.

Alexander graduated in computer science at the University of Applied Science, Berlin in 2004 and received his Master of Science for computer graphics and visualization in 2009. He has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of virtual reality & high end visualization for automotive and specializes in rendering technologies. He has been Autodesk's product line manager for automotive visualisation at Autodesk since January 2012.

To listen again to the Webinar, click here.