Webinars: Listen again to Autodesk 'Concept Modelling for Automotive'
by CDN Team    20 Nov 2013
This was the penultimate Webinar in the Autodesk series. Click for larger images

If you missed the latest Autodesk Webinar - the penultimate in the series - you can listen again to ‘Concept Modeling for Automotive', which took place on 19 November.

Autodesk Maya, the powerful 3D modeling software has been in increasingly high demand in automotive design because it satisfies the industry's fast-paced design technology needs. Its high-end polygon sketch tools and workflows make it essential for an efficient and precise concept modeling process, meeting the highest quality design standards expected within automotive.

For use in the first creative stages of the design process, it provides digital 3D sketching features that allow the user to experience and create, complex and exciting new designs.

The webinar demonstrated efficient but also creative 3D sketching tips, as well as tricks for rapid concept development and refinement.

The next - and final - webinar in the series will be ‘Using the T-rig tool in real life'.

Presenting this Webinar was Siefke Lüers. Siefke is a managing partner of dreiformSTUDIO GmbH. He studied mechanical engineering at Emden with a focus on product development and design.

dreiformSTUDIO was founded in 2011 to meet the demand from automotive clients for fast concept modeling with Autodesk Maya and now provides concept modeling of interiors, exteriors and motorcycles for BMW, Daimler and Audi. As CEO and 3D artist, Siefke shares his fascination of polygon modeling in design.