Webinars: Listen again to Dassault Systèmes' '3D Sketch and Concept Modeling of b l e u'
by CDN Team    19 Dec 2013
'b l e u' was revealed on 24 November. Click for larger images
The Webinar focused on ideation and concept modeling

You can now relive Dassault Systèmes' webinar about the ideation and concept modeling of the CATIA 'b l e u' virtual showcar, which took place on 5 December.

Participants explored more of the creative process blurring the frontier between 2D and 3D mixing mood boards, hand sketches, 3D sketches and speed form models.

Click here to listen again to the 3D Sketch and Concept Modeling of b l e u webinar

They also discovered how to bring their ideas into reality with CATIA Creative Design, boost their design innovation and unbind their creativity.

Dassault Systèmes' Xavier Melkonian and Pierre Maheut presented the Webinar.

After over 20 years software industry experience, Melkonian was appointed director, Business Development Industrial Design for CATIA in January 2009. He is responsible for Dassault Systèmes CATIA brand strategy and CATIA design solutions for industrial design, Class-A and mechanical surfaces modeling for the transportation and product design industries. The CATIA design promise and mission is to provide 'Best in Class' industrial design and surface modeling user experience solutions to support customers challenge and strategy to 'gain the competitive advantage by design'.

Maheut graduated from Strate Collège with a Masters in Industrial Design and Innovation Management. After completing projects in automotive and product design, he worked on a concept car shown at the Frankfurt motor show by Citroën using CATIA V5 and ICEM Surf. He works with Dassault Systèmes' CATIA brand to deliver solutions for the industrial design community. He is a product expert for conceptual design and rendering.

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