Webinars: Listen again to Dassault Systèmes' 'Interior Cabin Design with CATIA Creative Design and CATIA Icem'
by CDN Team    08 Nov 2013
This Webinar saw the CATIA design team blur the divide between automotive and aerospace design. Click for larger images
The presenters covered key elements of the seat design process

Listen again to Dassault Systèmes latest Webinar, 'Interior Cabin Design with CATIA Creative Design and CATIA Icem', which took place on 7 November at 1400 GMT.

Design and innovation are often driven by cross-pollinating ideas. In this webinar, the CATIA design team broke the frontiers between automotive and aerospace by presenting an innovative process development of an aircraft interior design.

Participants viewed the process development of an aircraft interior design

Thanks to the CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE platform, participants followed 'Loft-Jet' cabin design from the very first sketch to high-end renderings.

Using CATIA Creative Design and CATIA Icem solutions, our presenters covered the key elements of the process of seat design: 

  • Inspiration using 3D sketches;
  • Creativity with 3D concept modeling;
  • Detail design combining high-end surfacing and automated detail generation;
  • Design validation thanks to high-end renderings of the full aircraft interior including color and trim design and lighting simulation.

Viewers will come away with an understanding about how a unified industrial design workflow solution helps to keep the design intent.

This Webinar's presenters were Xavier Melkonian, Fabio Ballari and Pierre Maheut.

To listen again to the Webinar, click here.