Webinars: Realism & Product Correctness in Realtime from RTT
by CDN Team    06 Dec 2010
RTT's new Global Illumination and Raytracing software allows renderings to be viewed in photo-realistic settings. Click for larger images
The webinar was presented by Design Consultant Danny Tierney and RTT Product Manager Boris Koller
The interior of the vehicle, notoriously difficult to render, can be seen clearly and realistically using RTT's software

The quality of 3D visualization has improved markedly in recent years as a result of new algorithms - allowing design decisions to be made on the basis of virtual models. Products, including the interior and exterior design of a vehicle, can now be portrayed very realistically using high-end visualization software.

Raytracing software enables shadows and relections to be seen accurately
A model of the car without RTT's Global Illuminatuion and Raytracing enabled

This webinar, entitled 'Realism & Product Correctness in Realtime', demonstrates how product lifecycles in the automotive industry - which range from design, development and production through to marketing and sales - is becoming increasingly digital. It shows how to create high-quality product visualization, and how to use RTT's Raytracing and Global Illumination to bring virtual scenes to life.

The webinar, presented on 2 December, 2010 by Danny Tierney, Design Consultant, and Boris Koller, Product Manager at RTT, is intended to teach users how to apply RTT's technology to create photo-realistic 3D scenes. It demonstrates how the technology can be applied throughout the product development cycle, including at design reviews and product presentations.

Part of a continuing complimentary series from CDN the 45-minute webinar is free to view or download.

Click the link below to view the webinar now:
Realism & Product Correctness in Realtime from RTT