TOP 10 selected for HYCAN+ Design Challenge

After a month long period of collecting some outstanding concepts and ideas, the TOP 10 of the HYCAN+ Design Challenge have been selected.

In total, 162 designers from 48 countries participated in the challenge, with 188 proposals submitted.

On 12th September, judges from HYCAN evaluated all entries before choosing their TOP 10 to be used for online voting. The contest’s full results will be officially announced on 22nd September, with the overall winner receiving the top prize of US$11,600 (approx).

The proposals of the TOP 10 are shown below, and you can vote for your favorite design via the online voting link found at the bottom of this page

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Luigi Tarantino

Automotive Exterior and Interior Desinger, Italy


The style research and the concept are based on a balance between geometric volumes, dynamic lines and sharp surfaces that running along the entire car, combined with attention to details, characterizes its sportiness, modernity and elegance, qualities that enhance the HYCAN style. As a result, HYCAN Nexist shows a futuristic design, coherent with the entire body, characterized by sinuous lines and sharp surfaces in a sensual shape and timeless beauty. It's harmony, it's sportiness, it's electric. It's NEXisT.

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Alan Derosier

Creative Director at Studiokurbos, France


This design try to find an harmony between the already existing (carryover) parts and the new elements I designed. Harmonious yet unexpected design solutions.

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Zhu Zhenzhou

Student, Wuhan University of Technology, China


Within the minimalism design theme, HYCAN Spike refers to the popular splicing in fashion design. I design neat and sharp facets and splicing lines in place of the original complicated curve design. At the same time, the contrast of different materials can be emphasized by the splicing design. In addition, the splicing parts can be customized according to users’ preference. The symbolic front face and featured rear surface make the model more recognizable.

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Inspired by the precision of a simple form : The Triangles. In their natural shape, triangles represent precision, dynamism and presence. These three core values are embedded in my design proposal. 1. The front end : Within the minimalism design theme, the triangular facets bring together a sculpted yet soft and charismatic look. 2. The Side rocker panel : It is a combination of stretched triangles which bring dynamism to balance the heaviness impression given by the general side view. 3. The rear end : to counter balance the height I have emphasized the width by sketching a long horizontal line. The vertical side scoops under the tail lamps have been given more presence.

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Leandro Trovati

Sketch-It! CEO, Brazil


Limit everything to the essential but do not remove the poetry".(Dieter Rams)These words represent the pure essence of form minimalism. Boundless and poetry come together to create a bold aesthetic following the trends with sharp, high-definition lines. Purity and elegance co-creates the dynamic and sculptural design of the new HYCAN SUV.

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Almaz Zabbarov

Freelancer, Russia


HYCAN VISION 001 is a combination of sportiness and minimalism in one. The project is inspired by modern trends in architecture and design with clean and original shapes using different decorative elements. This style is expressed both in the design of the bumpers and wheels, which makes the project harmonious in style. Decorative inserts may have a different pattern and be painted in any colors. It gives each car more personality and style

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Ali Shoghimojarad

CCS master student, Iran


In almost every culture Foxes are most renown for their wisdom, intuition, and Smartness. Specially in the Chinese culture, The Huli Jing would be a good and familiar face for a smart car to convey the message of GAC-NIO’s HYCAN to customers and audiences. The blue color is also a symbolic color for smartness which could be seen in all modern smart products. So an digestion of Fox’s face and character was accurately incorporated with minimalistic views in other products and was combined with the Blue color of smartness to present a whole complete design figure. HYCAN Fox is the answer to all the above, and obviously to the design brief.

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Jason Lee

Exterior Designer, South Korea

The celebration of new brand

For this project, I try to set up HYCAN’s new identity which has iconic styling. First, it starts from the logo of HYCAN which is symbolized co-creation between two company, and I use the symbol as a major graphic of front fascia. Since the car is very first product of new brand, I try to use very bold graphic and unique surfacing which makes customer recognize the brand clearly among numerous electric vehicles in the current market. And also, various features like ‘seven shape DRL’, already one of symbol of HYCAN brand, and slim LED headlamp and radar sensor as an ornament, not like current automotive execution, stands out as high tech image.

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Pawan Hamilpure

Creative designer ASHOK LEYLAND ,CHENNAI, India

HYCAN's new graphic

Inspiration : Light & Shape - Thinking Beyond reality Light bends into colors, distinguished from each other, a simple tendency. According to the enhanced geometry, humans created space to make the light fall. This Shows man’s Boundless capabilities when he has the desire to achieve he can do anything. HYCAN , projects this emotion in their car. Concept Generation: Form exploration is based on the Prism Shape, Triangular surface reflecting the light. which represents the focus & desire to transform the light to create space & color. VISION SPECTRA -HYCAN INSPIRED BY SPECTRUM PHENOMENON BY PRISM White light passing through prism ,which is flat surface & Reflects colorful combination. “ SPECTRA HYCAN VISION ” Thinking beyond the normal life of a common man & transforming It into inspiring colorful / joyful & making them to go boundless thinking & transforming the daily lifestyle.

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Zhu Donger

Unemployed, China


The main purpose of this design is to make the car's front face and rear shape more unified with the body, to ensure that the overall shape is in a design language. When designing the front and back faces, I wanted them to look more dynamic

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HYcann Banner

Welcome to HYCAN’s brand new professional design competition.

The competition is open to the public and challenges designers, artists and design organisations to submit their designs for the front fascia (the “face” of the car), the rear fascia, and the side rocker panels and wheels.

The winner will receive a substantial cash prize of 80,000 RMB (approx. US$11,600) and a commission on production vehicles sold. The second-place prize is 30,000 RMB (approx. $4,351), and the third-place prize is 10,000 RMB (approx. $1,450). Seven runners up will receive cash prizes of 3000 RMB (approx. $435).


Boundless & Minimalist | Exterior design for the next HYCAN car

The trend of car design varies but the minimalist style always leads to classic and lasts forever. In the era of electric vehicles, we expect to co-create the next minimalist HYCAN car with you.



(1 person)

Cash reward of approx. US$11,600
1st place certificate & trophy
Sales commission

(1 person)

Cash reward of approx. US$4,351
2nd place certificate & trophy

(1 person)

Cash reward of approx. US$1,450
3rd place certificate & trophy


Runners up
(7 persons)

Cash reward of approx. US$435

How to apply

Step 1

Familiarise yourself with the brief and the various entry requirements and complete the entry form


Step 2

Create your design accordingly

New Project (87)

Step 3

Submit both your finished brief and the completed entry form to: design@GAC-NIO.com


Submission Requimetns

Format of design work:

  • All designs must be submitted in JPG format
  • Size: A3 (Horizontal), no more than 2 pages

All entries must be submitted by 24:00 (Beijing time), 10 September 2019
Company Profile

Based on the idea of “co-creation”, GAC-NIO is a user-oriented company that integrates vehicles and the Internet. The company not only produces intelligent battery electric vehicles, but also creates joyful life.

Founded in April 2018, GAC-NIO is jointly held by GAC Group, NIO, the founding team and employees. The company concentrates on R&D, marketing, and service of BEVs while providing premium and customized brand extension products to enrich the mobility experience.

The brand name "HYCAN合创" and the concept car were released on 20th of May, 2019. The first mass production vehicle is coming out by the end of 2019 and will be delivered in the first half of 2020.

“HYCAN” is short for “Here You CAN”. “合创” means “co-creation”. The company aims to achieve mutual success by integrating participants in the full value chain. The two white curves merge together and form an “eye” in the centre. The two curves with open ends imply connection in the full value chain and the eye creates a new view for the industry and users. The open structure emphasises the idea of openness and sharing.
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  • This campaign is open to the public.
  • The submission should be the first-time publication, and plagiarism or infringement is not allowed.
  • If plagiarism or infringement is found, the related participant will be disqualified, and the relevant impact is borne by the contestants entirely.
  • The property rights of the TOP 10 designs belong to GAC-NIO.
  • The rights not to award prizes would be reserved if no relevant prize winners were chosen.
  • If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact us via design@gac-nio.com.
  • GAC-NIO reserves the rights of final interpretation on specific rules related to the activity.
Company Profile

Q. What's special about this design challenge?
A. This is a design campaign for a mass production car model. HYCAN will put the Top 1 design into mass production if it is appropriate. Also, the winner will gain sales commission in accordance with the rules.

Q. How to download the task book, entry form and other related information?
A. There are two ways:
METHOD 1 - Visit CARDESIGNNEWS's official website:
(1) Click on the TOP BANNER to enter the event page;
(2) Slide down to find “HOW TO APPLY “, and click on the download link.
METHOD 2 - Visit GAC-NIO's official website: www.gac-nio.com
(1) Click on the corresponding download link.

Q. Does the presentation must obey the design scope requirements?
A. We recommend you to design in accordance with the design scope. However, if you consider adjusting the design will better express your idea, it is recommended to submit one proposal that is consistent with the requirements, and an additional one that you think is ideal.

Q. Are there specific requirements for the contents and perspective and visual effects of the design panel?
A. There are no specific requirements, but please note that your design should be as full and accurate as possible.

Q. Can I submit multiple designs?
A. We encourage participants to submit proposals in a number of different directions; Please note that the proposals need to be submitted separately, and the files should meet the following requirements: 1-A3 (horizontal layout) ; 2 - no more than 2 pages; 3- each proposal is named according to “designer’s name – proposal’s name"; 4- complete the registration form (each proposal has its own entry form); 5- each file should be within 50M;

Q. If the proposal is selected, does the corresponding participant need to fulfill the data and model making?
A. We will invite the winner to participate in the modeling optimization, refinement and modeling review according to the schedule. The specific implementation of data and model will be done by HYCAN design team.

Q. Can I participate in this challenge on behalf of the company?
A. Yes, this event is open to companies and individuals; When participating in the name of company, information like company’s design directors or team leaders should be filled in the entry form, and the company profile should be attached in English or Chinese).

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