Anders Warming, veteran of BMW, Mini, VW and most recently Borgward, has established his own design studio in Munich

The aim of Warming Design studio is to combine other areas of design, such as furniture, interior and product design, while still creating vehicles – all with a focus on “automotive future mobility.”

Warming told Car Design News: “I have been planning this decision for quite some time now. It has taken a lot of preparation; I had to wait for the right moment, and now this is a dream coming true!”

“I now feel it’s the right time (still being young!) to reach out for new horizons. I have this constant urge to apply my design experience in a cross-functional manner, aiming to incorporate into automotive design more of the ‘design-world’ of other fields.”

Warming’s background includes some notable designs, the first BMW Z4, he worked on the exterior of the GINA concept while with BMW Designworks USA, on to the radical MINI Next 100 Vision (of the future of car sharing) and, more recently, Borgward’s Isabella concept. As Warming himself says: “It’s not just the shape but the overall experience we are trying to design.”

This video from 2016 about the Mini Vision Next 100 demonstrates the fresh approach to interface design BMW took with this little concept.

The new studio aims to leverage the power of intelligent and next level technology in order to create strategically sustainable products. “We aim to make the difference through the character of aesthetics and its perception. We believe that the future concept of design will stretch well beyond ‘regular’ car design: we will increasingly move towards creating holistic mobility within urban architecture and connected digital experiences.”

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