Watch: Autodesk discusses future trends in automotive digital design tools

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Autodesk examines current and future trends in digital Design tools, how they can aid the creative process and why we haven’t yet seen the full effect of the pandemic on the design industry 

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Space to fail is a crucial part of the creative process but in an era of digital perfection perhaps an overlooked one. Geodigm’s Steve Colbert made this important point in a panel discussion with Autodesk on the future of digital tools. “Not making mistakes implies that you are too rigid in your thinking, that you always stay within the boundaries you set yourself at the start.” Digital design tools have of course played centre stage during the pandemic, allowing the industry to keep designing in the absence of a studio.

Though it may have simply sped up a trend that was already well in motion, Autodesk’s Phil Botley speculated that we are yet to see how far the disruption will spread. “I think there will be a lot more ripples long term in the auto design industry in terms of how we design and what we design and how we use these tools. I don’t think we have seen the full impact of this year and a bit.”


Ding Ning, Technical Specialist, Autodesk

Phil Botley, Alias Product Manager, Autodesk

Moderator: Abel Sampson, Head of Commercial Development, CDN

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