Design Contest: Local Motors and Shell announce 'DRIVEN' [w/video]
by John O'Brien    19 Jan 2012
DRIVEN video previews the five cities that constitute the competition. Click for larger images
All briefs call for a similar set of deliverables, in providing a vehicle that addresses real social issues facing the cities
Each city has been given a tailored brief calling for individual solutions to its transportational issues

Local Motors, the open-source car design community, has announced its latest competition. Working in collaboration with Shell Oils, the DRIVEN contest is an acronym for Design of Relevant and Innovative Vehicles for Energy Needs.

Global communities range from Bangalore, India through to Houston, American
Developing economies have also been highlighted as cities in need of innovative vehicle solutions

Entrants are asked to create a car for one of five cities: Amsterdam, Bangalore, Basra, Houston or Sao Paulo. Their vision must be of a car that can be produced within the next five to ten years and that fulfills the chosen city's need for transport.

Each city has its own tailored brief, focusing on the social issues facing those living there, but all share a common set of requirements. Those being the vehicle must be ground-based, have a minimum of two wheels and be able to carry at least one passenger in addition to the driver. The project must also address at least one real social problem facing the chosen city.

Deliverables for the competition, regardless of chosen city, include up to nine design boards showing the car in profile as well as front and rear 3/4 views. The submitted work must also include a writen explanaintion of how it answers the brief.

Prizes for the competition will see the winner from each city awarded $2,000, whilst the overall winner - as chosen by Shell - will be awarded an additional $5,000. The competition is open now and will run until 7 February 2012.

For more information on the DRIVEN contest, visit the DRIVEN homepage

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