Johnson Controls engineer presents 'Driven Mavens' free design tutorial videos
by Rufus Thompson    29 Jul 2013
The beginner's course, 'How to Draw Cars Now: Marker Rendering vs Digital Drawing Techniques', can be bought for $38. Click for larger images

Free online video tutorials on the car design process are being presented on an interactive blog launched by a Johnson Controls lead engineer.

Arvind Ramkrishna, who has worked in the automotive sector for over 10 years, set up ‘Driven Mavens' to teach students and enthusiasts how to design cars using both traditional methods and the latest digital software.

Two full free courses are offered, one of which is ‘How to Draw Cars: Drawing in Perspective'. This includes videos like ‘How to Draw Cars with a Sharpie Marker' and a two-part ‘How to Draw a BMW in Perspective' tutorial, while the ‘How to Draw Cars: Digital Painting using Photoshop' course offers ‘Creating Dynamic Compositions' among others.

Ramkrishna uploads new video tutorials every week and by signing up to the newsletter subscribers get access to free updates. Designers can interact with each other and discuss techniques on the blog to help the whole community develop.

As well as viewing free video tutorials on the site, aspiring designers can also buy the beginner's course pack for $38, intended to help them apply basic sketching exercises in standard car design techniques. In the digital portion of the pack, viewers are educated in the use of Photoshop and Wacom tablets, simple rendering and digital painting.

To check out the free tutorial series visit the Driven Mavens website, and you can buy the beginner's course pack here.

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