A new large grille sits in on the front of the latest generation of the Nissan Navara pick-up, while other design changes are more subtle

Nissan has unveiled its new Navara pick-up. The model, which is known as the Nissan Frontier in Mexico and South America, comes with several new design details and engineering enhancements, as well as various added technologies.

There is a new ‘interlocking frame’ grille, taking on a trapezoid shape with three tiers. It is far larger than the grille on the previous generation Navara, dominating the front end. It is outlined by chunky chrome or a matt finish, depending on the spec, with the upper strip pushing upwards into the hood space and reading ‘NAVARA’ in bold text. The hood itself is defined by two deep grooves that, like the rest of the body work around the front end, help draw the eye to the grille. 

The side strips link the grille with the new squared C-shaped headlamps, which are large and give the pick-up a formidable face. Below the main headlamps are two square daytime running lights, sitting in the middle of small air intakes. The bumper is also a trapazoid shape, acting as a reflection of the grille above. 

Both the side and the rear of the pick-up are kept simple with clean lines in the body work, two of which arch over the wheels to add strength to the stance. This is further emphasised by a line that originates from the back of the headlamp and takes a slight downwards curve before disappearing. Another line high up at the back spans the width of the pick-up and continues around the body work above the back wheels, again falling to a curve and disappearing, creating a unity in design along the length of the Navara.

As well as some aesthetic design changes, Nissan has made some key enhancements to the functionality of the Navara. At the rear, a new step in the bumper enables easier access to the truck bed. There are also steps on the side of the vehicle to help passengers climb in and out. 

Inside, a no-nonsense approach has been taken in order to suit those that are using the pick-up for work purposes. Not much has changed when comparing it to the previous generation, with the same general shape and layout, and the same touchscreen sitting flush in the centre of the dash. Hard plastic materials still make up almost everything, while parts of the door are lined with leather to add comfort. 

There has been a small effort from Nissan to simplify and reduce the number of switches. For example, the wheels used to change the settings of each individual air vent are no longer present. There is also a new gear stick, which is slimmer and has a chrome base. 

For the first time ever, Nissan is offering the Navara in an upgraded spec called Pro-4X. This comes with a few minor additions such as an orange-accented front bumper, a black finish to the grille, door handles, roof racks and running boards, and also 17-inch black wheels with all-terrain tires.