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    Roewe 550


    Up until now, Shanghai Auto's sub brand, Roewe, has had to deal with criticism regarding the current design of the 750, which resembles a number of different vehicles - from the design of its emblem to its overall styling.

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    Changfeng M1A


    This compact MPV was another new production car presented with a few trim elements that will likely not make it to series production.

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    Nanjing MG


    The Nanjing-MG range debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show - a highlight in all ways - except none of the cars are new designs.

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    Brillance FRV


    The FRV is a fairly generic, slightly old-proportioned C-segment hatchback making its show debut in Shanghai in one of the most popular current car colours in China: green.

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    BYD F6


    This new D-sector four-door sedan is an archetypal Shanghai debut: handsomely conservative in its proportions, well-resolved, and mixing elements of existing Western car designs.

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    Halma 3


    The Haima 3 owes a lot to Mazda. Based on the platform of the now defunct 323, this C-segment five-door hatch and four-door sedan was formerly produced by Haima under license.

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    Chery A1


    Another new Chery debuting in Shanghai was the A1 mini-car.

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    Roewe W2


    Roewe is the brand SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) created for the 750E sedan they now produce, having bought the rights to the Rover 75 design after MG Rover went bankrupt in 2005.

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    Chery Shooting Sport


    Penned by Roberto Piatti's new automotive design house, Torino Design, the Shooting Sport was the strongest domestic Chinese branded concept at Shanghai.

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    Geely IG concept


    Arguably the most innovative of Geely's concepts at the 2009 Shanghai auto show was the IG or 'Intelligent Geely' city car that proposes a small chassis and body with interchangeable powertrains from a small conventional combustion engine to hybrid and full-electric.

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    Geely GE


    While the GT was admired by many on Geely's 2009 Shanghai auto show stand, the GE, or 'Geely Excellence', was largely derided by the Western journalists Car Design News bumped into on the first press day.

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    Guangbin Li Nian Roadster concept


    Guangbin, a joint venture between Honda and local manufacturer Guangzhou Auto, unveiled a new concept at Auto Shanghai 2009.

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    Geely GT Tiger concept


    One of the most dramatic designs sporting a Chinese OEM badge at the 2009 Shanghai auto show was the GT or 'Geely Tiger'.

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    Chana E301 concept


    One of the surprises of the 2009 Shanghai auto show was the Chana E301 Concept from Chongqing Changan Automobile - a manufacturer more commonly known for making everyday vehicles like the Mondeo, Swift and 2 in joint ventures with Ford, Suzuki and Mazda.

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    SAIC MG6


    MG showed its new face at the 2009 Shanghai auto show on a thinly veiled 'concept car' that could make production within 18 months.

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    Changfeng Acumen


    Former military truck supplier to the People's Liberation Army of China, Changfeng Motors, chose today's Auto China 2009 press day to unveil a pair of new cars based on the Lancer sedan sold by joint venture partner Mitsubishi.

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    Buick Business Concept


    Acknowledging the important role luxury vehicles in the Chinese market often fulfill as both work place and mobile meeting room, Buick showed a five meters-plus, super spacious six-seater MPV with a difference at the 2009 Shanghai auto show.

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    SAIC N1 concept


    SAIC's 'start-up' brand Roewe launched its N1 concept at the 2009 Shanghai auto show to preface a forthcoming sportier production sedan that will sit slightly below the existing 550.

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    GAC VIP Lounge concept


    One of the surprise hits of today's Shanghai auto show was this four-door luxury sedan displayed by Guangzhou Auto (GAC) - a Chinese joint venture with Honda and Toyota. Dubbed the VIP-Lounge Concept, the design study wears the company's independent GAC brand label and is rumored to have been created ...

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    Roewe 350


    At first sight, there appears considerable overlap with this latest model and the Roewe 550, but the 350 uses an all-new smaller platform developed by parent company SAIC, with a new 1.5-liter engine, a generous 2650mm wheelbase and overall length of 4521 mm — roughly 100mm shorter than the 550.