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    SAIC Roewe N1 concept


    Roewe, the flagship domestic brand of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), has released this teaser rendering of the N1 concept set to debut at the forthcoming Auto Shanghai 2009 show.

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    Geely GT Tiger concept


    Geely Auto, one of the 'Big 5' Chinese car manufacturers, is set to reveal 22 production and concept cars under three different sub-brands at Auto Shanghai 2009 next week. One of these will be the Geely Tiger, a sports GT concept first shown at Auto China in Beijing last year.

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    Geely EMGRAND EX Range


    The Chinese are certainly not adhering to the recent downturn in the global economy that has seen European and US automakers reveal smaller, more frugal transportation at recent auto shows. One of the largest Chinese automakers, Geely Auto, is instead poised to unveil two new SUVs – codenamed EX825 (bottom ...

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    Chery Riich M1


    China's government-owned Chery Auto will launch a B-segment hatchback called the Riich M1 at Auto Shanghai 2009. The Riich M1 is the first car to be produced from the five Faira concepts designed for the automaker by Italy's Torino Design and shown at Auto China 2008.

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    Geely EMGRAND EC718


    Recent brand reshuffling from Geely has yielded three sub-brands: GLEAGLE (fashion, dream and passion), EMGRAND (luxury and power) and Shanghai EngLon (classic British-style design). The EMGRAND brand has released the first official photos of its EC718 production vehicle, set to be unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2009.

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    SAIC Nanjing MG6


    Nanjing Auto, owner if the classic British MG brand - and part of SAIC Auto Group - will reveal the MG6 (shown here as a rendering) at Auto Shanghai tomorrow.

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    Geely GE


    Until recently, the Chinese domestic super luxury segment has been dominated by the state-owned Hongqi brand (also known as Red Flag), which specialized in developing limousines for high-ranking government officials and foreign diplomats.

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    Geely GC515 & GC515 RV


    Geely revealed the GC515 and GC515 RV at Auto Shanghai today. Designed by Italdesign's Chinese satellite studio, the GC515 (shown in red) and the GC515 RV (pictured in yellow) share the same platform and are positioned in the A0 supermini segment.

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    Changan e301 concept


    Changan Auto, one of China's five major domestic auto manufacturers, today revealed the e301 crossover concept. Going against the trend of other automakers of a similar size, Changan is planning to display only two concepts at the show. Developed in-house, the e301 crossover is quickly gathering interest as its blue-sky ...

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    Geely Global Hawk GX718


    Measuring 4600mm long, 1855mm wide and 1720mm tall, the GX718 rides on a 2660mm wheelbase. The new car will be given the task of competing against the Dongfeng Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4 and Hyundai Santa Fe as well as domestic SUVs such as Chery's Tiggo5.

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    Bertone Mantide (w/ Gallery)


    The Mantide - 'praying mantis', in Italian - is a street-legal one-off developed by Stile Bertone for a client. Created by ex-Pininfarina designer Jason Castriota, the Mantide is based on the underpinnings and powertrain of the 620bhp Corvette ZR1, but with its own unique carbon fiber bodyshell and interior, it ...

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    Buick Business Concept (w/ Gallery)


    GM's Buick division is big in China, where it's a desirable luxury brand, and the six-seat Business Concept is intended as a high-class executive shuttle and alternative to the aged GL8 MPV (formerly known as Vauxhall/Opel Sintra) currently on offer. It's a coherent follow-up to the Buick Riviera concept shown ...

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    Guangbin Li Nian Roadster


    The Li Nian brand, the product of a joint venture between Honda and local manufacturer Guangzhou Auto, showed this Roadster concept at the Shanghai auto show. Succeeding a five-door SUV/CUV concept based on the Jazz/Fit, the roadster was first seen at the Guangzhou Auto Show late last year.

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    GAC VIP Lounge concept


    GAC (Guangzhou Auto Company) bought the rights, tooling, machinery and equipment from Fiat late last year to make its own version of the Alfa Romeo 166 - and here is the Chinese Alfa, under the nametag VIP Lounge. Despite a low-impact restyling and some fussier detailing - thought to be ...

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    Geely IG concept


    The neat little IG (‘intelligent Geely') city car is just 3m long, and like the similarly-proportioned Toyota iQ, it has a 3+1-seater interior. However, rather than a layout with a foldaway rear seat, it positions the driver centrally ahead of the pair of passengers, all three on lightweight, space-efficient skeletal ...

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    GM EN-V concepts (w/ Gallery)


    General Motors, and its Chinese partner SAIC, revealed three two-seat personal mobility concepts in Shanghai today. Called the EN-V – an acronym for Electric Networked-Vehicle – the Xiao (Laugh), Jiao (Pride) and Maio (Magic) models embody different characteristics for future transportation.

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    Geely Englon TXN (w/ Gallery)


    Geely is poised to show 39 new vehicles at the forthcoming Auto China 2010 motor show in Beijing, among them will be this new TXN taxi. While most of the new cars on show won't be built around entirely new sheet metal - some will feature new powertrains, for example ...

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    SAIC Leaf concept


    The Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) will unveil this futuristic concept at next week's Beijing motor show. Called the Leaf, the new concept has no relation to Nissan's concept car shown in Tokyo last year. It is a much more fanciful two-seat concept car whose design is entirely open to ...

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    Geely Emgrand GE (w/ Gallery)


    Known for unveiling a host of vehicles at its home shows in the Chinese domestic market, Geely will be revealing a redesigned version of the GE limousine alongside a number of other 'Emgrand’ concepts at the Beijing motor show next week.

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    Buick Envision SUV concept


    20 Apr 11 Buick Envision SUV concept Another car that broke cover at Shanghai, was the Buick Envision SUV concept. The Envision is another car that slots into the coverted crossover niche, and was developed jointly by Shanghai GM and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC). The Envision ...