Braunschweig University of Art Show 2007
31 Aug 2007
'Kitano' KiteSailingYacht by Stefanie Kruecke. Click for larger images
'Gemini_01' - Advanced Multi-hull Yacht by Frank Bleck
Volkswagen student pickup by Robert Lange
'VW Jester' by Andreas Balzunej

KITANO KiteSailingYacht
Stefanie Kruecke

The KITANO KiteSailingYacht designed by Stefanie Kruecke introduces kite sailing technology to the leisure sailing yacht class. An innovative wind-driven watercraft for up to 8 passengers, the vessel is a new take on traditional sailing yachts and offers a new sportive concept. The intention is to enable a larger clientele to enjoy the fascination of gliding on water powered by wind force.

Skoda student car by Malte Hammerbeck

The yacht benefits from the many advantages kite technology has to offer; one of those being the constant and stronger wind speeds the kite sails in at high altitude. Compared to a normal sail, the kite can have less sail surface yet still generate more forward force, allowing even a gentle breeze to lift the hull to a gliding speed. Equipped with a hydraulically operated centreboard, the yacht is also able to sail in shallow water and littorals (along the shore line) without risk.

Gemini_01 - Advanced Multi-hull Yacht
Frank Bleck

The Gemini_01 concept yacht designed by Frank Bleck was based on the fact of rising sea level due to global warming. As it is expected that most of the land will be gone in the future, Bleck devised a high performance sports yacht, to fulfill activities like Formula One. This yacht concept therefore, is the inevitable answer.

As a symbiosis of a foil yacht and a traditional Polynesian 'proas' (a vessel that has a sail-to-hull-construction for a special jibe-and-tack-maneuvering-technique) Bleck presented a new high performance race vehicle for the new water / sea conditions.

By using the unique Polynesian technique in combination with the growing foil technology the innovative yacht gets amazing speed results with the action and claim of a competitive F1.

Student's car projects

Among the projects presented by the graduating class, visiting professor Tomasz Bachorski initiated the "student's car" project at HBK Braunschweig, giving students the chance to design a car suited to people like themselves. Four concepts were developed in cooperation with Volkswagen, taking into account different sociological, aesthetic and social elements. Each aspect was then implemented in the process of the designs.

VW Jester
Andres Blazunaj

The two-seater Jester is a specially built car for students wishing to have fun driving cars and want an ecological vehicle. The Teslar rear-engine efficiently provides power for a fast and pleasant driving experience, while unique elements like the new front door opening mechanism and design elements adapted from the nature complete the concept car.

Volkswagen student pickup
Robert Lange

According to Lange, a car for students is predominantly used in the city and should offer usefulness as much as possible. The basis for his project is a kind of a pickup truck, which is more onroad than offroad. The interior is constructed for two people while the loading area offers an additional seat can be folded out. Driving includes the feeling of a convertible thanks to the open roof.

Skoda student car
Malte Hammerbeck

Above all, a car for students has to be cheap and useful, but still emotional and appealing. Hammerbeck's concept, a small station wagon that can be used for vacations or relocations, is also meant to be driven through a sponsored-leasing-program, minimizing out of pocket expense for students on a budget. The large surfaces on the side of the vehicle can also be used for advertisements to supplement income and contribute to the monthly lease rate.