College Exhibition: Elisava Design Degree Show 2006
29 Nov 2006
'Cappriccio 85' by Enrique Ojea. Click for larger images
Kozzmarine Inna by David Delgado
Scooter E06 project by Pablo Gonzalez de Chavez
'Cannondale Urban' by Christian Ciuraneta
FGC Pic Nic Tourism Train by Eduardo Povarchik

Cappriccio 85
Enrique Ojea

'Coupe' is the guiding concept for this project. It is a yacht measuring 85 feet (26m) that has redefined the shape of a boat. The cabin has been moved more to the rear and the spaces for the solarium and the bathing area, normally located at the stern, have been moved to the bow. In this way direct access is provided to the interior of the boat from the stern and you can reach the open air without having to pass through inconvenient external passageways. This layout means that the volume has been designed in a coupe style, characterised by a stylised profile and slightly inclined towards the stern. This has also enable the application of shapes from the automobile sector and a greater definition of elements such as the struts and very fluid lines.

Cappriccio 85 by Enrique Ojea
Barreiros Concept Truck exterior by Carlos Beltran and Hector Miranda
Temoinsa SIGNO by Roger Rafols, Felix Ortiz and Javier Sevilla

The volume is completed with a 'dome' allowing a large amount of light to enter inside, visually extending it. The profile has been lightened thanks to a large window and a rib that starts at the bows and ends at the area under the large window. This last element adds tension to the boat's perspective and generates two intensities in the light reflected on its surface. The finishes on the hull are in satin metallised paint, diffusing the reflections and highlighting the volume. As with the leading Italian automobile firms, great importance has been given to the details, such as the fairleads, exhausts and air inlets and outlets.

Kozzmarine Inna, 'The spirit of the sea'
David Delgado

The Innuit people state that both living beings and all inanimate objects have a soul, which they call Inna. This project is a hydrobike fusion via an organic and technological union, taking marine fauna as its reference, specifically the sperm whale. A soul reflected in a dynamic, aggressive and powerful hydrobike, different from the rest of its species and designed for those who want to discover new challenges and new sensations.

Scooter E06 project
Pablo Gonzalez de Chavez

The E06 is a scooter based on a clean, minimalist and innovative product design, avoiding the classic image of city bikes. The aim was also to design a vehicle for young, modern, urban people. The E06 can be easily customised, adapting itself to its owner's personality. E06 is user-friendly, agile, easy to ride and respects the environment, with an electric engine. A bike for those who want to be different and who are attracted by design and fashion.

Cannondale Urban
Christian Ciuraneta

The aim of this project is to design a new urban bike from the Cannondale Bad Boy model. This new bike reflects some urban concepts: practicality, dynamism, innovation and high tech. Inspired by iPod style, it is a folding bike thanks to the strong, light material used: carbon fibre. The bike's shape includes the latest Cannondale trends. Thanks to the front and rear suspension, you can ride the fat 26 for off-road or the slick 26 to the office or across town.

Barreiros Concept Truck exterior
Carlos Beltran and Hector Miranda

The exterior of the Barreiros Concept Truck is a tractive unit with a character and personality in which can be identified qualities of the Barreiros brand itself: technological innovation and robustness. The concept behind this exterior design is the duality between the rationality of industrial machinery per se and beauty in the environment as sought by human beings. The exterior design conveys this contrast by clearly differentiating the zone for machinery and that for habitation.

FGC Pic Nic Tourism Train
Eduardo Povarchik

A mountain train aimed at adventure tourism lovers, it combines a lot of light with the latest technology and an informal and fresh language inspired by the 'MP3 Generation'. The project was sponsored by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC).

Temoinsa SIGNO (train interior)

Roger Rafols, Felix Ortiz and Javier Sevilla

Signo is a concept for train interiors combining elements of nature (iceberg), elements of avant garde architecture (Calatrava and Foster) and the bio-mechanical textures of artist H.R. Giger. The ambience is transformed thanks to the use of colour and light, generating spaces that adapt to the user's requirements. The new textures and materials create a more hospitable setting for the passenger. The carriage has been made more spacious and comfortable by replacing the upper luggage racks with space located under each seat and by redesigning the first class seats. The buffet car is characterised by being a modular space, breaking with the typical layout of restaurant cars and achieving a unique, informal chillout area.

The vehicle design carried out by this year's students have the aim of bringing together creative solutions to real transport issues. The projects have been sponsored by companies linked to the car industry, such as Metrakit, TMB Transports de Barcelona, Temoinsa, FGC, Kozzmarine, Byd Group, Ibo Engineering & Design, Vidimicrocar, Grupo Antolin, Seat, Rucker, Yamaha, Cannondale and Mitsubishi.

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