College Exhibition: Hongik University Show 2005

Dec 16, 2005 - Graduating students at Korea's Hongik University school of Art and Design have recently shown their work in the annual degree Show held in October. The exhibition featured a project by senior students sponsored by General Motors.

The final project presentation was given to General Motors during the exhibition, and representatives from Honda, Renault, Samsung, Johnson Controls, and Lear showed great interest towards the seniors graduate project. The aim of the project was to design a new vehicle concept utilizing the GM AUTOnomy platform for the year 2020. The proposed vehicle should be an evolution of the automobile exterior and interior, using the advantages of the AUTOnomy platform which offers a wide range of features such as drive-by-wire, 20-year chassis life expectancy, freedom from many ergonomic constraints, electronic multiplexing ability, along with silent and pollution-free driving.

GM Asia Pacific Executive Director of Design David Lyon and GM Daewoo Deputy Director of Advanced Design Max Wolff visited the school regularly to supervise the project and brief the students on AUTOnomy. Renault Vice-President Exterior Design Anthony Grade also visited the school during the project, and Renault will start a sponsored project with the school beginning from March 2006.

The AUTOnomy project ran from March to November 2005. From March to June research, ideation, and 2D proposals were created. In June and July clay models were developed, with hard resin modelling and finishing continuing through October. The final presentation consisted of 1/4 scale models, package drawings, presentation drawings and sketches of features and details. The students developed vehicles for each of the GM brands, with appropriate brand attributes, design themes and functionality appropriate to the brand's target users.

'Corvette Soul' by Chang Jae-woo, Kim Yong-hyun

Corvette Soul
Chang Jae-woo, Kim Yong-hyun

Corvette Soul is a 2+1 luxurious mega coupe of the 21st century. Aimed at younger drivers, the concept is based on a passion for driving, strong character lines and elegant curves combined together to form a deeper impact for the Corvette. An American dream car.

'GMC Safari' by Choi Neung-je, Kim John

GMC Safari
Choi-neung-je, Kim-john

GMC Safari is a leisure vehicle for a tourist resort, with a unique interior design achieved by placing the seats towards the outer edge. This arrangement drove the exterior theme, with a pronounced step outward in the passenger area. Hard-edged character lines follow distinctive GMC design, while leather used on the sides and rear soften the vehicle exterior.

'Chevrolet Viellio' by Lee Sun-min

Chevrolet Viellio

This vehicle for the elderly features high and wide side doors opening from above and below, which makes getting in and out easier while using a wheel chair. A circular part of the floor rotates and allows the wheelchair to be fixed in the vehicle, to act as the drivers seat.

'Chevrolet I-Van' by Noh Chang-hyeon, Im Joon-hyuk

Chevrolet i-Van
Noh-chang-hyeon, Im-joon-hyuk

Chevrolet I-Van is a Family MPV which satisfies each passengers taste through a divided zone in the vehicle, which gives privacy to individual. This divide is also expressed in the exterior design of the vehicle. Fitting with the family target, the design theme gives the impression of comfort and stability by adding volume to the overall appearance of the vehicle.

'Cadillac Maximum Sensation' by Kim Gui-young, Min Ah-young

Cadillac Maximum Sensation
Kim-gui-young, Min-ah-young

The 'White Noise' is a target group of people who are looking for the perfection in their works and satisfaction in their lives. Maximum Sensation utilises a translucent surface which displays patterns from nature when the vehicle is parked. The degree of transparency on the translucent body is controlled by the driver. The vehicle is divided into two different parts, the top translucent body shaped as if fabric is pulled downwards from four directions creating unique and sensitive surfaces.