College Exhibition: Hongik University Show 2005
'Opel 2S' by Jeon Doo-sung

Opel 2S
Jeon Doo-sung

Opel 2S is an open car with maximum exposure. The roof and both sides of the cabin are made of glass, inspired by a jet fighter cockpit.

The glass divides into three parts which folds around an axis on the front and rear of the vehicle to transform from coupe to roadster.

'GM Circle90' by Song Seung-hwan, Lee Jae-hyun

GM Circle90
Song Seung-hwan, Lee Jae-hyun

GM Circle90 is a vehicle which maximizes the flexibility of the seating area. One of the advantages of the AUTOnomy architecture is that there is no conventional engine space required. Circle90 is aimed at outdoor activities, with doors opening in all directions.

'Chevrolet X-Treme' by Lee Joon-ho, Seo Dal-im

Chevrolet X-Treme
Lee Joon-ho, Seo Dal-im

Chevrolet X-Treme is a leisure vehicle for people who enjoy extreme sports. The leisure industry will grow as the quality of life improves according to the growth of the industry in year 2020. The project mainly focused on efficient use of space and a system of removable modules for carrying sports equipment.

'Hummer Plus' by Son Kyung-sung, Jang Hyo-seok
Hummer Plus
Son Kyung-sung, Jang Hyo-seok

Hummer Plus is an AUTOnomy based vehicle optimized for use in natural disaster areas. It contains a variety of equipment for survival, management, and rescue situations.
'Buick Infinitude' by Lee Dae-woo

Buick Infinitude
Lee Dae-woo

Buick Infinitude is a luxury sports sedan with an elegant roof line featuring a unique rear window form which acts as a spoiler for high-speed driving.

Final year Transportation Design students with course leader Professor Chung Joo-Hyun
Hongik University has a long history in industrial design education, with courses in Product, Transportation, Interior, and Environmental Design. The Department of Industrial Design accepts about 60 students a year and about 20 students graduate from the transportation stream. During the final year the seniors participate in industry-sponsored projects.

Hongik University's transportation course has become a major source of recruitment for automotive design studios in Korea and internationally. This year several students have found positions with Nissan, Honda, Hyundai-Kia and GM Daewoo. Companies such as Honda and Daihatsu has given internships programs for Hongik students.