College Exhibition: Lawrence Technological University 2013
by Rufus Thompson    14 Jun 2013
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Ahmed Ghamloush
Chevrolet Sponsored Project - Chevrolet Sport Wagon Volt

The 2025 Sport Wagon Volt is an all-electric business class vehicle with the aggressive and sporty attributes Ghamloush sees as the essence of Chevrolet. It  features the signature double trapezoid tail lamps and the double grille design, and uses a triangle graphic to convey the vehicle's attitude.The interior was inspired by an office atmosphere with interchangeable seat positions throughout. The rear center console features pull-out desks for working and the occupants can choose to drive or work in the back seat while vehicle is autonomously driven. The vehicle's seats also conform to the body shape of the occupant.

Dan Kangas
Chevrolet Sponsored Project - 2025 Chevrolet Volt

Designed with the Millennial generation in mind, this vehicle of the year 2025 features removable, modular universal batteries that can be exchanged and recharged at stations. The exterior design hints at sculptural forms by combining organic, bold lines with a positive/negative graphic breakup. In-hub motors and drive system repackaging, made possible by electronic drive-by-wire systems, frees up space for four occupants. Four-wheel steering and programmable exterior OLED displays give this small electric vehicle an advanced technological feel.

Daniel Vanderhoof
Chevrolet Sponsored Project - 2025 Chevrolet Volt, Vesper SS Edition

The 2025 Chevy Volt, Vesper SS Edition, aims to multipurpose components together to reduce weight, optimize space, and in turn increase efficiency. The main car body of the Vesper is suspended from a high grade composite roof structure and this roof not only acts as a key structural component, but also as the car's power plant. The Vesper features a unique aero-lift system inspired by the Pallas's long-tongued bat. The main body is sculpted to create a leading edge vortex; circulating air under the body and creating a slight lift. The lift mode would be engaged at moderate speeds while at high speed the aero lift system would lower the vehicle with its dynamic slide mechanism to decrease drag and ensure safety. Featuring drive-by-wire, each wheel of the Vesper contains an electric hub motor with built-in suspension.

Greg VanderVoord
Chevrolet Sponsored Project - 2025 Chevrolet Volt

This 2025 Chevrolet Volt Concept is designed to offset the future trend towards the use of autonomous cars and return the emotional connection that drivers share with their vehicles. This all-terrain vehicle is part of a line of specifically non-autonomous Volts that span across a range of vehicle types. Suitable in almost any environment, it gains its functionality through the use of its actuating front and rear arms as well as its four-wheel-steering capability. The staggered driver and passenger seating arrangement further enhance the capability of the vehicle, as it can more easily maneuverable around any obstacle.

Jacob Lanyon
Chevrolet Sponsored Project

In the year 2025 Lanyon believes the push for all-electric vehicles will have increased due to global equalization and competition for resources as well as advanced governmental requirements. This Volt is targeted toward trendsetters who are young, professional, socially active, and technologically-inclined. The Volt remains a sedan but is now a premium, full-size vehicle, distinguished as an all-electric vehicle by its features, appearance, and capabilities, including dual charge ports for improved outlet access and a compact, low-set battery capable of a 335-mile range.

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