Creapole: creating the next generation of creative designers
20 Sep 2012
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Creapole, the Parisian design school. Click for larger images
Pagani Chiasogna by Adrien Dauptain (above and below)
Lopez took her inspiration from the shoes of Japanese Geishas
de Montgolfier's project (above and below) involved developing a new type of football boot for Adidas

As the automotive industry continues to look towards other design disciplines for inspiration and ideas, French design school Creapole is increasingly well positioned to cater for their needs. While relatively small, Creapole's range of courses - which as well as Transport Design includes Product Design, Fashion, Art Design, Visual Communication, Movie and Video Game Animation, and Interior Architecture - gives its students experience in a broad range of creative media.

The foundations of Creapole's success lie in its hands-on approach not only to teaching, but also to the tools used by its students. While the Parisian school recognizes the importance of digital technology, it encourages its students to adopt an unusually tactile approach to design; for example, scale models are crafted more by hand than they are milled, thereby engendering a deeper emotional rapport with the volume.

The college boasts excellent facilities
The design was intended to be light and simple
Bendjellal Madani's '2015' project was a development of a digital polaroid camera inspired by the Delorean car

Undergraduates are taught to use state-of-the-art mechanics and design software to polish their design proposals, but the emphasis remains true to Creapole's fundamental philosophy: creating strong, socially relevant concepts that will be of practical use to their target audience.

Adrien Dauptain
Pagani Chiasogna
Transport Design

Inspired by the Argentinean stag beetle ‘Chiasognathus Granti', the Chiasogna is an aggressive, mid-engined electric-hybrid proposal for the next evolutionary step in Pagani's DNA. Darwin's discovery inspired the carbon bodyshell, which hinges upwards from the nose to create an unusual entry point for passengers.

Laeticia Lopez
Art Design

By observing the shoes of Japanese Geishas, we can see how their design embodies the principles of a culture renowned for its precision and attention to detail. The construction methods of the traditional wooden ‘Zöri', ‘Geta' and ‘Okobo' shoes allows the join between its materials to stay hidden, and are why Geishas seem to ‘float' across the floor when they walk. The design of these shoes is light and simple and does not require any additional pieces to hold itself together, such as nails or screws - only a silk lace. What if we could transfer this approach to something else?

Bendjellal Madani
Visual Communication

Madani's project 2015 is a digital Polaroid camera for lovers of retro-futurism. Inspired by the Delorean sports car from the film ‘Back to the Future', this Polaroid camera is both digital and instamatic, allowing you to retouch and publish your photos digitally as well as print them instantaneously using Polaroid film.

Vianney de Montgolfier
Adidas Neutrino 
Product Design

This Product Design project focuses on the Anglo-Saxon culture of football. As the cradle of football, England provides the perfect laboratory in which to explore and anticipate the next step in the game's evolution. Inspired by the Transhumanist philosophy and the latest developments in nanotechnology, this design study proposes a new kind of footwear for the brand Adidas that will allow athletes to transcend their physical limitations, thereby enhancing the show for spectators.

Established 1981
Number of employees 100
Global headquarters Paris, France
President Jean-Michel Leralu
Directors of Transport Dept. Alec Moran & Cyril Randuineau
International Placement Officer Christine Moreira