FH Joanneum Graz - KTM project
10 Sep 2008
'KTM Superbrand' project at FH Joanneum Graz. Click for larger images
<strong>urban race vehicle</strong>
KTM Rocks aims to intensify KTM off-road experience
KTM Ascender flight vehicle

Industrial Design students in the 6th term at the University for Applied Science, FH Joanneum Graz, Austria showed concepts created in a KTM-sponsored project entitled 'KTM Superbrand' earlier this summer. Unlike typical transportation projects, this project called for students to create a product that would develop the transportation brand and push it to the next level. The brief asked students to develop a '2, 3, 4 or no wheel' niche product, which translated KTM values into a world 10 years from now. Importantly, there was to be no brand development - making the lifestyle part of the project. In all, 18 students created seven projects that answered that brief.

SR 85 Deuce urban race vehicle
KTM Rocks pod (above) and cutaway (below)
KTM Rocks
KTM Ascender flight vehicle

SR 85 Deuce urban race vehicle
Alexander Gilbert Pichler, Jan P. Rosenthal and David Seesing

Intended for use in 2018, when a new kind of sporting event will change the way the automotive industry are presents their products to the customers, the SR 85 Deuce aims to bring the motor sports atmosphere directly into the growing city. The most popular sport envisioned is called the ‘Demon Run', which features super lightweight racers that compete on the urban streets. The electronically driven vehicle, which will race on an inner-city race track defined by given infrastructure and modular banked curves, was particularly developed for this race and communicates KTMs ability to capture the on-road market.
KTM Rocks - intensifying the off-road experience
Asal Shirvani, Maximilian Kiener and Matthäus Krenn

This concept aims to intensify the biking experience by providing a pod for users of KTM motorcycles in which to store riding equipment, tools and other off-road necessities. Featuring a locker, a monitor for lap-times and gear setup, a tire-mounting machine, bike stand and medical kit, the self-contained pod also features a battery recharger powered by solar panels. The project aims to provide an infrastructure which would serve as a point of interest for KTM owners. Depending on their location the Rocks have different features and architecture.

KTM Ascender flight vehicle
Mariko IIjima, Richard Kastner-Puschl and Richard Mohos

The KTM Ascender concept is a flight vehicle propelled by a gas turbine. Carried in the air by three oil pressure driven rotors, the Ascender is capable of 30 minute flights and a maximum speed of 120km/h. With a seating position resembling the Moto X riding style, the concept was developed to create a new niche product in a new element, which draws from KTM brand values: Extreme, Aggressive, Performance and Adventure. The challenge to manufacture a "ready to race" flight vehicle might enhance KTM´s progression efforts and make the brand become even more distinctive.


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