Pforzheim University Summer Show 2008
by Brett Patterson    08 Aug 2008
'Citroen C-2208' by Olivier Weppe. Click for larger images
'Citroen C-2208' by Olivier Weppe
'Natural Sculpted Dynamics' by Matthias Lingner
'Synchronicity' by ChunDong Kim
Honda-sponsored Masters semester 1/2 projects. Seoung Mo Lim (above), Zimo Yang (left), Alexander Horn (right), Anthony Clark (foreground, below)
Honda-sponsored Masters semester 1/2 projects
Photos: Brett Patterson

Graduating Masters student projects included:

Citroen C-2208
Olivier Weppe
This is a proposal for transportation for the United Arab Emirates 200 years in the future. It is a luxury vehicle for two people with the driver seated to the side at the rear, reminiscent of old chauffeur driven vehicles such as the horse and carriage. The vehicle is powered by nuclear energy, with an electromagnetic drive providing forward motion and hover capability. The project took advantage of stereolithography to explore forms that were never possible before.

'A car for tuberacing' by Joris Mertens
'Natural Sculpted Dynamics' by Matthias Lingner
'An automotive structure for free drive space' by Sunmin Lee
'Australian Adventure - A car for the modern nomad' by Simon Tovey
Animation by 1st semester MA student Jun Hyuck Eoh

A car for Tuberacing
Joris Mertens
This project envisages a new type of motor sport. The car is equipped with an electro turbine to suck itself to the inside of the tube network and it has a ground effect underbody to create additional downforce. The idea is that cars can overtake each other upside down in order to create a whole new racing excitement.

Natural Sculpted Dynamics - A Sensual Arousal
Matthias Lingner
This project explores how we can replace high speed as the ultimate driving experience and change customer preconceptions of a green car. Based on near-future materials and constructive technologies, the vehicle inspires the senses through emotional design. The ultimate aim of the project is to inspire and provide an incentive shifting the mindset of the automotive industry.

ChungDong Kim
This project explores the vehicle architecture and form innovation for a futuristic hovering vehicle. The vehicle concept is a non-polluting future vehicle that uses solar energy, not only directly through the solar panel array, but by gathering heat energy from the ground and air heated by the sun during the day.

An automotive structure for free drive space
Sunmin Lee
This is a small environment-friendly electrically-powered small sports car, with wheel-mounted motors allowing the form emphasis to be placed at the wheels. Two contrasting body colors and character lines create a distinctive body structure with the effect of floating panels. The doors slide up and inward to open, staying within the body. When the roof surface is removed, the exterior surfaces are visually connected to the interior space.

Australian Adventure - A car for the modern nomad
Simon Tovey
The project aims to create a vehicle which is inspirational, conveying a sense of freedom while allowing the travelers to truly experience and explore the continent of Australia independently: 'The journey is the destination'. Envisaged as a hire vehicle, it copes with diverse physical and meterological conditions, can carry two travelers, their luggage with the option to sleep inside while being kind to the environment. The roof of the vehicle is deliberately over sized to collect the suns energy, and to create a large area of shade so that both vehicle and travelers remain cool. Airflow is also directed under the roof surface to cool the interior and can flow out through the mesh material panels.

First and Second semester Masters students presented a project sponsored by Honda Design Europe, exploring both functional and emotional aspects of high-technology. Four of the digital proposals were selected to be developed developed from to 1:4 scale models, and presented to the Honda F1 drivers at the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim in July.
4th and 7th semester students presented 'My life, My future', an exterior and interior project sponsored by VW Wolfsburg. Students from both Transportation Design and Fashion Design departments made proposals of what they would be buying in the year 2028. The interest from industry in this project is motivated by the fact that the students who developed their personal design are themselves potential customers of Volkswagen in the future scenario envisaged, so it provides a good opportunity to attain a clearly defined insight into the desires and requirements of this new generation of customers.
3rd semester students presented concepts for a modern day motorbike which would appeal to them, not only as designers, but also as possible customers for this type of product. The group of students taking part had almost no previous experience with motorbikes.

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