Dinamica’s microfiber range showcases the latest color, design and material innovations
by CDN Team    04 Sep 2013
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Senior members of the MIKO team at work in the company’s headquarters in Gorizia, Italy. Click for larger images
At the Geneva motor show 25 cars featured Dinamica microfiber, such as the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG
The Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class also used the microfiber
A technician checks fabric against a light box in the MIKO laboratory


Established 1997
Number of employees 50 (five designers)
Global headquarters Gorizia, Italy
Contact b.terraneo@dinamicamiko.it
Website www.dinamicamiko.com

“We are a young, dynamic company and have increased our automotive activities significantly over the last five years,” says marketing manager Benedetta Terraneo.

MIKO’s Benedetta Terraneo poses with samples of Dinamica’s microfiber range
Each year, the company creates an automotive collection

“We started off in the US, but now also collaborate with the biggest OEMs in Europe, Brazil, Asia and Australia, working with their designers to create new automotive applications for our Dinamica microfiber range.”

Each year, the company creates an automotive collection to showcase the latest color, design and material innovations. The 2013 collection - called ‘Essence’ - launched in May, and focused on inspiring new possibilities for automotive interior trimming through the use of five natural elements.

25 cars at the 2013 Geneva show featured Dinamica microfiber, including Mercedes-Benz’s C63 AMG and CLA-Class. Applications include seats, dashboards, door panels, parcel shelves, gear levers, pillars and headliners. “We recently added a new product for headliners called Dinamica Wide. This allows industrial production (instead of manual) to save time and cost during manufacturing.” Mercedes already uses it in large cars such as the GL and M-Class.

“One of the main features of Dinamica microfiber is the vibrancy and brightness of the colours you can get. This is because it comes from a white base,” points out Terraneo, before adding: “Last year we got environmental EPD certification for our automotive products; we are the first microfiber manufacturer to receive this.”