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  • cdn-lincoln-navigator

    HMI walk through: Lincoln Navigator

    2020-02-20T16:55:00Z Sponsored by

    This week’s video from Screens is a complete overview of Lincoln’s premium SUV’s HMI, from key fob, to digital instrument cluster, to head unit screen and centre console

  • cdn-toyota-camry-interior

    HMI walk through: Toyota Camry

    2020-02-12T09:31:00Z Sponsored by

    This week’s video from Screens guides you through the Toyota Camry’s HMI, which combines an instrument cluster screen, modest size head unit screen, and plenty of traditional buttons. Watch to see how these elements work together to form the Camry’s in-car UX

  • Byton M-Byte_interior

    Design Essay: Big Screen, Big Problem?


    Integrating screens in car interiors comes with a set of significant problems, from aesthetic decisions to considering the life-cycle of the vehicle. You could argue that how screens are handled within the instrument panel highlights many of the wider creative challenges of mobility design 

  • cdn-renault-clio-interior

    HMI walk through: Renault Clio

    2020-02-06T14:02:00Z Sponsored by

    The 2019 Renault Clio packs a punch in terms of in-car technology. Find a review of it’s many UX and UI features in Screens’ latest video review

  • 2021-Cadillac-Escalade-066

    Cadillac debuts new 2021 Escalade


    Cadillac has revealed the interior and exterior of the 2021 Escalade luxury SUV

  • cdn-dodge-ram-2019

    HMI walk through: Dodge Ram interior

    2020-01-30T11:36:00Z Sponsored by

    Want to see a complete overview of the Dodge Ram’s HMI? Screen’s will walk you through it in their latest video, reviewing the combination of digital instrument cluster, physical steering wheel and centre console buttons, and a huge central touch enabled display

  • cdn-honda-e-dash

    HMI walk through: Honda E head unit, digital mirrors and instrument cluster

    2020-01-22T10:28:00Z Sponsored by

    Honda’s all electric E has gained high praise for its refreshing and user-centric design. This includes its interior UX of course, which Screens review for you in their latest video

  • Covestro1708195169

    Materials and technologies for tomorrow’s interiors

    2020-01-20T12:18:00Z Sponsored by Covestro

    [Sponsored] Covestro’s latest interior concept is centred on a multifunctional living space

  • cdn-lincoln-navigator-screen

    HMI walk through: Lincoln Navigator telephone connectivity

    2020-01-15T17:07:00Z Sponsored by

    In the first Screens video of the year on CDN, see how Lincoln have provided an optimised UI in the Navigator for accessing calls and messages on your smartphone. Including Siri integration if you’re using an iPhone

  • CES 2020 Sony car 1 (1)

    Automotive design stories fresh from CES 2020


    Sony sparked speculation that it was entering the car market by unveiling an impressively well-finished prototype electric car, the Vision S, at the CES show in Las Vegas this week.

  • CDN_IM_Sponsored_canatu_fabrics_demo_4

    New materials for smart surfaces, from Canatu

    2020-01-07T09:47:00Z Sponsored by Canatu

    [Sponsored] Canatu’s embedded 3D touch technologies support multi-modal use

  • BICover_R1_T

    Supplier Profit Analysis: Mitigating Margin Compression to Invest in R&D


    Automotive tier 1 suppliers are facing unprecedented industry transformation in electrification along with economic uncertainty. Download this report on the top 20 global suppliers for a deep analysis of their historic margins, as well as solutions for how suppliers could cope with growing pressures and new requirements in research, development and design

  • cdn-porsche-yacan-interior

    HMI walk through: Porsche Taycan touchscreen user interface

    2019-12-18T16:14:00Z Sponsored by

    This week’s UX review video from Screens walks you through the Porsche Taycan’s head unit UI, demonstrating software features such as navigation, media and climate control

  • Frankfurt 2019 WEY Brabus spec GT Pro interior

    HMI walk through: Wey VV7

    2019-12-11T14:11:00Z Sponsored by

    The Wey VV7 will detect and steer you into a parking bay, and provide visual reasurrance by projecting views from several external cameras on it’s impressive head unit display. Watch to view the full experience in Screens latest UX review

  • cdn-nissan-leaf-navigation

    HMI walk through: Nissan e Leaf

    2019-12-04T09:49:00Z Sponsored by

    This week’s video from Screens reviews the Nissan e Leaf’s navigation software, which includes helpful features such as letting you know your destination is out of range and showing you nearby charging stations on the map

  • Polestar 2

    HMI walk through: Polestar 2

    2019-11-27T17:19:00Z Sponsored by

    The Polestar 2 combines a large portrait central display with a fully digital instrument cluster. Watch Screens latest video review to see how the two combine to create a compelling UX

  • cdn-renault-clio-dashboard

    HMI walk through: Renault Clio

    2019-11-20T10:53:00Z Sponsored by

    The Renault Clio combines a large portrait central display with a fully digital instrument cluster. Watch Screens latest video review to see how the two combine to create a compelling UX

  • SEAT Tarraco_HIGHRES_Embargo (9)

    HMI walk through: Seat Tarraco touchscreen UX

    2019-11-13T09:44:00Z Sponsored by

    This week’s video review from Screens runs through the Seat Tarraco’s main display, which features both touch and gesture UI controls

  • P90355674_highRes_bmw-vision-m-next-st

    BMW Design spotlight


    BMW has shown some really interesting Vision concept cars in the last few years, most recently, the Vision M Next. If you want to understand what BMW design’s aesthetic values are – the Vision cars are a good place to start.

  • cdn-byton-m-byte-steering-wheel

    HMI walk through: Byton M-Byte interior UX

    2019-11-06T10:20:00Z Sponsored by

    If you didn’t get a chance to see the M-Byte in Frankfurt then we have a video just for you. Screens attended the show and shot this in-depth review of the M-Byte’s UX, watch to discover a multitude of ways to interact with the vehicle’s HMI and access it’s software functions