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    Honda Civic 3-door Type-R concept


    Because the five door Civic was such a radical departure from the previous generation Civic and other European C-sector cars, the three door doesn't deliver quite as one might expect, being not very different.

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    Honda Step Bus


    The Step Bus is an unusual concept; it uses the main structure and exterior form of the super small Japanese kei-class market Acty van (which means it is just 1475mm wide and 3395mm long) and has a tiny three cylinder engine mounted below the floor just ahead of the rear ...

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    Honda Remix


    The Remix is a very small 2+2 sports coupe concept designed by Ben Davidson under Dave Marek, Chief Designer of Honda R&D Americas. Dave explained to Car Design News that the original idea to produce a small sports coupe came from within the studio and that work on the concept ...

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    Honda Accord Coupe


    Honda showed the Accord Coupe Concept (ACC) at the North American International Auto Show.

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    Honda OSM


    This was the only new concept at the British Motor Show from a volume manufacturer.

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    Honda Small Hybrid Sports


    Honda are using the Geneva Show to showcase their ideas on environment and ecology, hence the trio of cars shown: the new F1 car, the FCX hybrid concept from Tokyo Show and the new SHS concept.

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    Honda Insight


    Honda love recycling old model names and applying them to new cars - and the Insight is the latest example.

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    Honda FC Sport concept


    The FC Sport was the only significant concept car debut at LA. According to Dave Marek, Chief Designer of the Advanced Design studio where the concept was designed, the decision to display the car in LA was a late one from Honda and the car was done on a very ...

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    Honda Insight


    From April 2009, the 2010 Honda Insight aims to start stealing environmentally focused customers from the Toyota Prius with prices set below that car and the current Honda Civic Hybrid.

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    Honda Accord Tourer


    With a new European Honda Accord due to be announced soon, the Accord Tourer Concept presented at Frankfurt demonstrates in core theme and form the exterior design of the production estate car.

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    Honda Fit


    The new 2008 Honda Fit (Jazz in Europe) is a good example of how to update a car without losing the essential character that made it so successful first time around.

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    Honda CR-Z


    This is the third version of a new CR-X successor that Honda have shown lately and is much closer to production-ready in style than the Remix or Hybrid Sports concepts shown earlier.

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    Honda Puyo


    The concept behind the Puyo was to create a 'Seamless Soft Box' form that is kind to both people and the environment, with the feel of an adorable pet.

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    Honda FCX Clarity


    The FCX concept shown at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show and the Kiwami concept shown before it (Tokyo, 2003) were both designed around their fuel-cell powertrains running through the center tunnel. The FCX Clarity is a new production design that stems directly from these two cars: it also features a ...

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    Honda U3-X


    It may not be a car, but Honda's U3-X was one of the most impressive concepts at the show.

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    Honda StepWagon


    Honda last week released the latest in their family MPV line, the Stepwagon, for the Japanese domestic market.

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    Honda CR-Z 2009


    Small, affordable, and sportiness with heritage: the concept behind the CR-Z is unarguable and here moves one step closer to production. First shown in Tokyo two years ago, this year's model is much better resolved and largely what we'll see on the streets in Spring, aside from the front-clip, there ...

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    Honda EV-N


    The EV -N is a sub three-meter fully electric four-seat city car intended as part of a future Zero Emission system incorporating the U3-X personal mobility device, EV Cub and EV Monpal.

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    Honda Skydeck


    It may be called the Skydeck for show’s sake, but underneath the concept car makeover is Honda’s next Stream, the brand’s mid-sized MPV for Japan and formerly the European market.

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    Honda Accord Crosstour


    The Crosstour is based on the same platform as the Acura ZDX that we covered at the New York Auto Show when it debuted in near production form earlier this year.