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    Honda P-NUT


    This design is dominated by its mono-space theme that tapers in plan forwards to reflect its arrow-head three seat configuration.

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    Honda CR-Z


    It's understandable to be confused given the number of similar-looking concepts shown over the last three years but Detroit 2010 finally saw the global production unveil of the Honda CR-Z coupe.

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    Honda 3R-C


    The 3-RC is a single seat, three-wheeled, zero emission urban concept vehicle which occupies the space between a car and a motorbike. Overall form is dictated by the seating position of its rider - similar to that of a scooter rider, with feet forwards and knees together.

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    Honda opens new Silicon Valley R&D facility to help accelerate tech innovation


    Event coincides with the launch of Honda Xcelerator initiative

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    Honda Odyssey


    Revealed at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year, this is the first time we had a chance to see the Odyssey concept in the metal.

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    Honda Civic Si concept


    The Honda Civic Si concept unveiled at the 2011 NAIAS previews the ninth generation of the model, which is set to go on sale in the US this spring. Shown in coupe and sedan form, the vehicles showcase a new interpretation of Honda's 'one motion, one form' design language, which ...

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    Honda Accord - European and Asian model


    October 30, 2002 - This is the 7th generation European Honda Accord. It was announced in saloon form at the recent Paris Motor Show, the estate version more recently, and both variants will be available in Europe early next year.

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    First details on 2003 Honda Accord


    July 30, 2002 - American Honda Motor Co. have released the first official photos and information on its all new 2003 Accord model which goes on sale early in September in the United States.

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    New Honda Advanced Design Studio in Milan


    Segno Milano S.r.l. is the latest car design studio to open in Milan, not too far from the Mercedes-Benz studio that is already active in Como. The mission of Segno Milano is to look at all sorts of trends, fashion and life style of the metropolis and to produce advanced ...

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    Honda Model X concept vehicle to debut at Detroit Auto Show


    Dec 7, 2000 - A new Honda concept vehicle called "Model X" will debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Honda America announced today.

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    Honda Stream MPV


    Honda today announced a new concept in compact MPVs when it unveiled the Honda Stream for the Japanese market.

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    New Honda Civic to debut at Paris Motor Show


    Sep 13, 2000 - The name remains the same, but as far as the new Civic is concerned that’s just about the only link with previous generations of Honda’s most successful car in Europe.

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    Honda Civic Type-S


    Ten months after the launch of the five-door Civic comes the latest three-door version, to be unveiled as the Type-S in London later this month. Styling changes between the Type-S and five-door model are limited, though its suspension has been tuned for a more sporting drive. Most noticeable outside is ...

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    Honda Stream


    Honda has announced the release of their new Stream in Japan, a compact MPV with seven seats. Like the outgoing model, the architecture allows a low floor to bring the roofline down to 1545mm - which also benefits parking in the country's stacked mechanical lots.

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    Honda has announced that sales have begun of the HondaJet, their entry into the growing Very Light Jet market.

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    Honda Accord Coupe


    For the first time Honda will publicly present an Accord concept car.

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    Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept


    Accurately described by the name, Honda will be unveiling a hybrid coupe at the Geneva Motor Show in March, designed by their satellite studio outside Frankfurt, Germany.

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    Honda Crossroad


    Honda is selling a new car in Japan, the Crossroad, which despite measuring just 4285mm long manages to fit in seven seats over three rows.

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    Honda Accord (US market)


    This is a significant new production design; the Accord is off and on the best selling sedan in North America.

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    Honda Accord Tourer concept


    Though lacking an interior, Honda's Accord Tourer previews an imminent new sports wagon from the automaker. View more photos and read our opinions of the car in our Frankfurt Motor Show Highlights section.