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    Hyundai HED-5


    Hyundai's HED-5 ‘i-Mode' six-seat MPV appears large in person and features certain polarizing features, which seem to mix three concepts into one. Convex and concave surfaces combine with a wedged side profile and a rounded front and rear, to give the appearance of a bow under pressure.

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    Hyundai Arnejs concept


    A near-production concept for a C-segment car, at first sight, Arnejs - pronounced 'Ar-nez' - reminds one of other C-segment vehicles such as BMW's 1-series, the previous Ford Focus and even Mazda's Sassou concept.

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    Hyundai Genesis Coupe


    Bucking the common procedure of creating concept cars to gauge public reaction before launching a more subdued production model, the production Genesis Coupe was actually conceived at Hyundai's design studios in Irvine, California, before the concept.

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    Hyundai HCD9 Talus concept


    Building on what the HCD8 established two years ago, the HCD9 Talus is a large crossover coupe with Mazda RX8-style small rear doors.

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    Hyundai HED-2 Genus concept


    Designed at Hyundai's European design studios near Frankfurt, this is a crossover based on the Sonata platform combining the "the sporting dynamism of a coupe with the versatility of an estate car" says Senior Designer Thomas S?lzle when talking to Car Design News.

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    Hyundai HCD10 Hellion


    From the press photos this car looked uncomfortable, odd even. But it's clear when seeing the HCD10 Hyundai Hellion in the flesh that, whilst a "polarising design" according to Chief Designer Joel Piaskowski, it's a very appealing car that attracted a lot of positive feedback at the show. It is ...

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    Hyundai i30


    The i30 is one of the most significant new cars launched at Geneva. Replacing the Accent, this car is the first to properly target the heartland of Europe's car sector: the C-sector as defined by the Golf.

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    Hyundai HED-4 Qarmaq


    This concept was generating a lot of interest here on day one, for several reasons.

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    Hyundai Concept Genesis


    "Concept Genesis is a hint into the future of Hyundai," Hyundai North America chief designer Joel Piaskowski told CDN. "It's a very global design, created in collaboration with the design studios in Korea."

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    Hyundai FD Wagon


    After the release of i30 hatchback at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, Hyundai used the Seoul Motor Show for the release of its wagon derivative, the FD wagon.

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    Hyundai TQ (Starex Van)


    The Hyundai TQ is a multi-purpose passenger/commercial van making its world premiere at the Seoul Motor Show.

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    Hyundai HND-3 Veloster


    Two years ago, at the same venue, the biggest name in the Korean automotive business failed to showcase any significant new concept at its domestic motor show, underestimating the show's significance and its domestic competition.

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    Hyundai i-Blue


    Designed at Hyundai's Japanese studio, the i-Blue is a large crossover SUV concept not dissimilar to the German-designed Hyundai HED-2 Genus SUV shown in Geneva last year.

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    Hyundai ix-onic concept


    The ix-onic (pronounced "ik-sonnik") concept is a preview of the next Tuscon, designed in Hyundai's Russelsheim studio under the leadership of Thomas Buerkle.

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    Hyundai Equus


    While the recent success of the Genesis and Genesis Coupe in a tough economic climate is undeniably boosting Hyundai's brand credibility, it is perhaps the new Equus sedan that stands to benefit most from this recent upturn in the company's fortunes.

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    Hyundai HND-4 'Blue Will' concept


    Albeit a concept, the HND-4 (Hyundai Namyang Design 4) ‘Blue-Will' is the first-ever plug-in hybrid vehicle from Hyundai.

  • Hyundai Hcd 1 01

    Hyundai North America's design studio and its mixed bag of concepts


    A chronology of concepts from HCD that tells an interesting story

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    Hyundai Concept Genesis Coupe


    The Hyundai Concept Genesis Coupe was one of the stars of the LA Auto Show this year.

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    Hyundai Nuvis concept


    Hyundai's North American design team unveiled the HCD II ‘New Vision Utility' (NUVIS) concept at the New York Auto Show to showcase the Korean automaker's proprietary Blue Drive technology.

  • Hyundai Vision G 01

    New Car: Hyundai Vision G Concept


    New luxury cruiser gives a sense of déjà vu