Watch: Is the future of automotive design in software?

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This CDN livestream featured speakers from Volvo, Bugatti Rimac, TomTom and The Qt Company. We discuss how automotive designers are using connected technologies in informing design decisions. 

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, designers are better connected to the consumer than at any point in automotive history. Data gathering on consumer behaviour is helping identify their changing habits and needs, allowing designers to respond and make decisions while alleviating risk. But how is this connected world changing elements of car design like UX and the focus on technology? Augmented to this abundance of information flowing back to OEMs over the air is face-to-face research between car companies and their customers. How are designers working with both the hands-on research and the digital data to evolve their designs? In what ways do these two approaches serve different purposes? And Car Design News invites a panel of experts to discuss how software-driven and face-to-face customer research is informing design.   


Miao Luo, Head of Automotive and Design Tools, The Qt Company
Luka Lenard,  UX/UI Design Manager, Bugatti Rimac  
Drew Meehan, Senior Product Manager Electric Vehicles, TomTom
Kevin Flick, Head of User Research, Volvo Cars

Watch this Livestream on how automotive designers are using connected technologies in informing design decisions.