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    Opinion: The car remains king in Barratt Homes Britain


    From automation, EVs and new ideas of urbanism – the role of the car is under question when it comes to urban centres. Venture outside metropolitan areas and you will find a new suburbia designed and built with the car at its heart. Good news for any OEMs wedded to the status quo but a challenge for proponents of new ideas of mobility 

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    Opinion: Transforming old into new


    Revered retrofit architects Lacaton & Vassal’s recent Pritzker Prize win poses some interesting questions for car designers, writes CDN editor James McLachlan

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    Review – DeLorean: Back from the Future


    A testament to hubris wrought in stainless steel – the DeLorean story elevated the act of building a car into the realms of Shakespearean tragedy. A fascinating new BBC documentary profiles the man at the heart of it 

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    Comment: Too much minimalism?


    Everyone is a minimalist these days, but beyond being a handy catch-all for pared back aesthetics, what does the term mean for car design? Are designers sacrificing ornament at the altar of functionality as embodied by touchscreens? 

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    The Metro: An Unexpected Journey


    A stellar online exhibition on the Austin Metro by the British Motor Museum prompted an unexpected A-series engine-powered trip down memory lane for CDN editor James McLachlan 

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    Design Essay: The role of humans in AVs


    Autonomous light commercial vehicles are a growing area – but where do humans fit into it?

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    Opinion: Why honest design matters


    Mild misdirection or visual lying? Here’s a firm view on the trend of design fakery

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    Are Beautiful Cars Really a Thing of the Past?


    They just don’t make ’em like they used to! Or do they?

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    Opinion: Discovery Sport and the long-term ramifications of pandering to the crossover convergence


    Having pored over the first pictures of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and consumed the accompanying official literature, we’re left wondering why it shares so much of its design treatment with the Range Rover Evoque, while simultaneously removing the last vestiges of utility from the Discovery nameplate. From its virtually indistinguishable grille and lamp graphics, over its tapered roofline