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  • Peugeot 3008 1

    New Car: Peugeot 3008


    French firm's new C-segment model adopts conventional crossover cues

  • Citroen Spacetourer 01

    New Car: Peugeot Traveller/Citroen SpaceTourer/Toyota Proace


    PSA and Toyota continue their co-operation with new mid-sized vans

  • Peugeot Fractal Design Development 01

    Design Development: Peugeot Fractal concept


    Unpicking the concept that uses sound to amplify its design

  • Peugeot Fractal 01

    Frankfurt 2015: Peugeot Fractal brings the noise


    Sound–themed Peugeot concept hits the right note

  • Peugeot Fractal 01

    New Car: Peugeot Fractal concept


    An exploration of sound and additive manufacturing shapes up for Frankfurt debut

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    Peugeot 908 RC concept


    Peugeot concept cars in recent years have tended to have had little relevance to the brand or the development of the brand's production car design language.

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    Peugeot 207


    The new 207 looks very much like a smaller 307 but with a much bolder and edgier front end and with the 3-door version having a more sweeping DLO than the 5-door.

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    Peugeot 4007 and Citroen C-Crosser


    Given how sharp PSA have been at spotting new trends and getting in fast - for example Coupe Cabrios, the Berlingo Multivan, superb diesels or innovative use of glass - it's surprising how slow they've been to offer a decent SUV, one of the fastest growing sectors in the last ...

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    Peugeot RC HYmotion 4 concept


    One of the emerging themes in the last two years has been the appearance of the low-slung 4-door supercar, for example the Aston Martin Rapide, the forthcoming Lagonda sedan, Porsche Panamera, Fisker Karma - and the new Lamborghini.

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    Peugeot 3008


    According to Peugeot's interior chief designer Amko Leenarts, the new production Peugeot 3008 is an "anti-monospace for families with dads who want to feel cool".

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    Peugeot 308 RCZ


    This coupe version of the new 308 has been somewhat dismissed in the press as 'Peugeot's TT', but seen in the flesh there's more here than expected.

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    Peugeot 308


    This is the first model of Peugeot's new '08' generation that will compete in Europe's largest car sector against the Golf and Focus.

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    Peugeot 5008


    The 5008 is a larger version of the recently launched 3008 crossover and revives the ‘5' nomenclature last seen affixed to the 505 wagon.

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    Peugeot RCZ


    This is the car Peugeot needs: a desirable car that compounds the styling found across the rest of the range and stays faithful to the show car exhibited two years ago.

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    Peugeot BB1


    One of the more relevant concepts of the show came in the form of the diminutive 2.5m long Peugeot BB1.

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    5 by Peugeot


    Peugeot unveiled the ‘5 by Peugeot' at Geneva, and despite referring to the number ‘5' in English in an otherwise French-spoken presentation, this large sedan - the basis for the forthcoming 407 replacement known as the ‘508' - marked an attempt to hark back to the days of more restrained ...

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    Peugeot SR1


    The SR1 makes its international show debut in Geneva despite Peugeot going public with the car soon after the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year.

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    Peugeot 508


    The 508 replaces the 407 in Peugeot's European lineup, but will also be marketed and built in China to compete with the best-selling VW Passat.

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    Peugeot EX1 concept


    On the eve of the of the Paris Motor Show, Peugeot held a private viewing of the EX1 Concept Car at its premier showroom on the Champs Elysees in Paris.

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    Peugeot HR1 concept


    The response to Peugeot's B-Segment SUV concept among the designers we spoke to was generally positive.