One of the emerging themes in the last two years has been the appearance of the low-slung 4-door supercar, for example the Aston Martin Rapide, the forthcoming Lagonda sedan, Porsche Panamera, Fisker Karma - and the new Lamborghini. Peugeot is no stranger to this format and the RC HYmotion 4 builds on previous concepts such as the 908RC and 907RC Spade and Diamond series from 2002. 

There are two interesting sidelines here: Firstly, this is the first - and now last - showcar done under the leadership of recently-departed design chief Jerôme Gallix. Secondly, just as 907 RC previewed the design theme of the 407 sedan, this RC HYmotion 4 is rumoured to preview design ideas for the new 408 sedan due next year. As such, that bodes well for the 408, not least because the rear end treatment here has a number of novel ideas, including two vertical ribs running through the neon taillamps and the ‘lion of Belfort' emblem sitting in a recessed pocket above the number plate recess. 

The front face is a progression of that on the 907RC Spade and 908RC with the upper grille and Peugeot lion emblem pushed down into the lower vertical mouth but adds an Audi R8 look to the front end, partly due to the headlamp shape but also the way the fenders develop into the hood. Interestingly, the front lower ‘grilles' are actually recessed dark panels, and the main air inlets for this mid-engined car are formed by scoops in the rear doors and the glass panorama roof. The concept was finished in a matt silver paint which was a great improvement on the black color shown in preview images.

The concept of a touring car coupé with high performance and low C02 emissions of 109g/km is achieved with a 1.6 liter petrol engine developing 218 bhp, supplemented by a 54bhp front-mounted electric motor using Li-Ion batteries.