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    Concept Car of the Week: Ford Splash & Pontiac Stinger (1989)


    The end of the 1980s saw the launch of two concept cars for the endless summer – the Ford Splash and Pontiac Stinger. Car Design News takes a look at these overlooked projects

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    CCotW: Pontiac Farago CF 428 (1969)


    The DeLorean before the DeLorean

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    CCotW: Pontiac Club de Mer (1956)


    The Club de Mer is an often-overlooked concept that predicted the future of Pontiac

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    Concept Car of the Week: Pontiac Firebird Type K (1978)


    When Chevrolet introduced the Corvette Quartet in 1954, an unusual amount of interest was shown in the shooting brake/wagon variant, the Corvette Nomad. Chevrolet wanted to develop this car as a competitor to the Ford Country Squire, but elected to build the car on a Bel Air frame instead. The two-door Nomad wagon sold in modest numbers but became an instant classic, an iconic car of the 1950s. The Nomad name was transferred to a more conventional wagon later, but the idea of a two-door, sporty wagon stuck in the minds of GM design staff.

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    Pontiac Phantom (Madam X)


    William ‘Bill’ Mitchell spent his entire 42-year career at General Motors, much of it served under the leadership of the flamboyant Harley Earl, GM’s Vice President of Design for over three decades. Earl appointed Mitchell as Cadillac’s first design chief in 1936. In 1954 he was promoted to Director of Styling, serving directly under Earl. Finally, after Earl retired, Mitchell stepped into Earl’s place and was Vice President of Design from late 1958 until his own retirement in 1977.

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    RIP Art Fitzpatrick (1919–2015)


    Remembering a design and illustration legend

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    Pontiac G8


    General Motors has revealed their 2008 Pontiac G8 sports sedan at the Chicago Auto Show under the form of a lightly disguised concept based on a re-badged Australian Holden Commodore.

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    Pontiac Vibe


    This is the second-generation Vibe and, like the first-generation, this car is based on the Toyota Matrix, also debuting here at LA in its new form. The Vibe shares its interior with the Matrix but the exterior is different, and we think it is the better for it...