Haptex® is an innovative polyurethane solution for synthetic leather which does not use any organic solvent and therefore shows a unique combination of performances,” says Andy Postlethwaite, senior vice president, Performance Materials Asia Pacific.


Haptex® simplifies the production processes and optimises cost when manufacturing instrument panels made of synthetic leather as it eliminates the conventional wet process step and the use of adhesives in the dry process step. Therefore, synthetic leather produced with Haptex® enables vehicles to meet stringent VOC standards in China, as no organic solvents are used.


Haptex® also improves look and feel of instrument panels. Furthermore, with its excellent hydrolysis and low-temperature resistance, Haptex® has no coating shrinkage, ensuring the panel maintains its smooth finish. Moreover, its physical properties, such as tear strength and abrasion resistance are comparable to other polyurethane systems.


A prototype IP developed in partnership with Yanfeng was exhibited at Chinaplas 2017. “The co-creation demonstrates how BASF collaborates with partners such as Yanfeng, and industrial designers, to meet stringent environmental standards with our advanced materials such as Haptex®, while providing superior product properties and excellent haptics for synthetic leather,” says Postlethwaite.


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