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  • Fca Apac Shanghai 1

    Studio visit: FCA APAC Design Shanghai


    A visit to FCA's fourth studio reveals a set-up just finding its feet

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    Nanjing MG


    The Nanjing-MG range debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show - a highlight in all ways - except none of the cars are new designs.

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    Audi Cross Cabriolet Quattro


    Following the Cross Coupe concept unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show and the Roadjet estate-crossover from Detroit last year is this new crossover concept from Audi. Whilst very similar in proportion and design theme to the Cross Coupe, the Cross Cabriolet shares no surfaces with the German-designed Shanghai show car.Designed ...

  • Qoros 2 Phev 01

    Design Development: Qoros 2 PHEV concept


    How Qoros managed to design a concept in a record 10 weeks by working almost non-stop across two continents

  • South East Motor Dx7 Design Development 01

    Design Development: South East Motor DX7


    Behind the scenes of Pininfarina's first production car for the Chinese SEM brand

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    Shanghai Motor Show 2005 - Highlights


    The Shanghai Auto Show is held every two years in the neighborhood of Pudong in Shanghai, China. Alternating and competing for attention with the Beijing Auto Show, this year's show demonstrated a huge effort to be an influential and a large-scale international show. Not only have local auto makers stepped ...

  • Citroen Aircross Design Development 01

    Design Development: Citroën Aircross


    How Citroën channeled the Cactus to create its new SUV

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    Changan CV11


    Changan's first MPV rolled off the production line on March 26 in China, following its preview as a concept four years ago at the Shanghai Motor Show. Since then the MPV market in China has boomed, sales in 2006 a third higher than in 2005. The package and styling of ...

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    Chery Shooting Sport concept


    Chinese manufacturer Chery will be presenting the Shooting Sport concept at the Shanghai Motor Show this week. The Shooting Sport was designed and constructed by Torino Design in Italy, as with the recent Coupe and SUV shown at the Beijing Motor Show. The car is a compact, front wheel drive, ...

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    Audi Cross Cabriolet Quattro


    Following the Cross Coupe concept unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show and the Roadjet estate-crossover from Detroit last year is this new crossover concept from Audi.

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    Bertone Mantide (w/ Gallery)


    The Mantide - 'praying mantis', in Italian - is a street-legal one-off developed by Stile Bertone for a client. Created by ex-Pininfarina designer Jason Castriota, the Mantide is based on the underpinnings and powertrain of the 620bhp Corvette ZR1, but with its own unique carbon fiber bodyshell and interior, it ...

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    Guangbin Li Nian Roadster


    The Li Nian brand, the product of a joint venture between Honda and local manufacturer Guangzhou Auto, showed this Roadster concept at the Shanghai auto show. Succeeding a five-door SUV/CUV concept based on the Jazz/Fit, the roadster was first seen at the Guangzhou Auto Show late last year.

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    Geely IG concept


    The neat little IG (‘intelligent Geely') city car is just 3m long, and like the similarly-proportioned Toyota iQ, it has a 3+1-seater interior. However, rather than a layout with a foldaway rear seat, it positions the driver centrally ahead of the pair of passengers, all three on lightweight, space-efficient skeletal ...

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    Chevrolet Malibu


    The next generation Chevrolet Malibu is set to be unveiled at the forthcoming Shanghai Motor Show. However, for those unable to make it to the Peoples Republic, Chevrolet has announced that the car will be launched simultaneously via Facebook.

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    Volkswagen Beetle


    The 2012 Beetle has been unveiled ahead of its Shanghai Motor Show reveal. The new 'New Beetle' is said to draw on design cues from the original Beetle launched 73 years ago.

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    SAIC Roewe W5


    Previewed by the Roewe W5 Concept unveiled at the 2011 Shanghai motor show, SAIC's new SUV derived its styling from the Ssangyong Kyron, which was reworked by Ma Zhengkun (Ken Ma)'s design team. Measuring 4676mm long, 1888mm wide and 1765mm tall, the new car is similar in size to the ...

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    BMW Gran Coupé


    BMW has announced its interpretation of the four-door coupé. Following in the footsteps of the Audi A7, Mercedes-Benz's CLS and the Porsche Panamera, the Gran Coupé is said to offer a level of practicality missing from its premium rivals.

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    Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class (2014)


    As previewed in excellent concept form at the Shanghai motor show, the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class has been revealed in its production guise.

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    Citroën Aircross concept


    The Citroën Aircross concept is the brand's affirmation of its intention to enter the mid-sized crossover/SUV market. And while its smaller C4 Cactus may be a Europe-only model, this car's launch at next month's Shanghai Motor Show demonstrates the desire to also enter the brand's largest market, China.

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    2007 China Automotive Design Conference


    Nanjing Automotive presented a full-size hatchback concept, taking its design theme from Nanjing city's symbolic "Pi Xie" statue. Design Director Li-Chih Fu demonstrated an interesting way of blending negative surfaces with stylistic curved edges to create a balance between Chinese decoration and modern solidity. Besides styling development, his presentation also ...