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    The Rise of Chinese Auto Designers


    As we witnessed at the 2011 Auto China in Shanghai, Chinese auto designers are emerging on the world stage and shaping future automobiles, not just in the domestic market but internationally. Through their joint efforts with established western automakers, the Chinese auto design industry is undoubtedly enjoying a new level ...

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    Design Review: Hyundai QarmaQ concept


    The QarmaQ concept was undoubtedly one the best showcars at Geneva this year, a testimony to how far Hyundai have come in design terms in recent years. It wasn't so long ago that Hyundai could be relied upon to produce some of the most overwrought concepts - remember the OLV ...

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    Audi explores new color and trim options


    Audi, well known for creating some of the most desired automotive interiors in the business, is looking to push the boundaries of personalization and further increase the levels of quality of interior design in its vehicles.

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    Design Review: Mercedes F800 Style concept


    The F800 Style marks a turning point for its maker in more ways than one. A luxury sedan whose modular rear-drive platform has been engineered to accept either a plug-in hybrid or a fuel-cell electric drivetrain, it outlines Mercedes-Benz's vision both for eco-friendly executive travel and a potential sister model ...

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    Auto Shanghai 2011- Trends & Overview


    Clearly PSA's growing Chinese studio is paying dividends, for sister brand Peugeot's impressive SXC was another concept that appears well conceived for this market. It successfully continues the design theme started by the SR1 - and continued with the HR1 - and is proof that Peugeot's design renaissance is gaining ...

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    Design Review: Volvo Concept Universe


    The Volvo Concept Universe marks a new era for the company and represents a couple of firsts for Volvo.

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    Designer Interviews: Mark Fetherston, Mercedes-Benz exterior designer


    Still only 36, Mark Fetherston has designed some of the most respected cars in the current Mercedes range. His breakthrough was the ‘gull-winged' SLS supercar of 2009 and he's had a hand in most of the company's significant exterior projects since, from the 2011 Concept A-Class and 2012 Concept Style ...

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    Shanghai Motor Show 2009 Trends and Overview


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    Shanghai Motor Show 2009 Trends and Overview


    The Art of War by Sun Tzu suggests that victory can be achieved by both knowing yourself and knowing your enemy, but for many foreign companies the degree of growth in China is still beyond their understanding. During the first quarter of 2009 China's GDP increased by 6.1%, pushing ...

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    Design Essay: Copycat Car Design


    Similar but different to the Mongrels which appear to use multiple elements from existing designs, are the Mutants that look like exact replicas of existing designs, but then introduce one distinctly different new element. The whole range of Great Wall cars are good examples of this, in particular the i7 ...

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    Design Essay: Copycat Car Design


    Cars all look alike these days goes the popular saying. But, these days some car designs really do look very similar to others...Walk down the main street in a major Chinese city and, if you're a westerner in particular, you will be propositioned by sellers openly trading in counterfeit watches ...

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    Beijing Motor Show 2010 Trends & Overview


    In Beijing we noticed another version of this, with a thin grille linking the lamps such as on the Chana Green-i and MG Zero concepts to form a sharp 'W-shaped' monographic face. Yet another variant of this face is defined by the Visteon Q-e or IAT Cross Wind II concepts, ...

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    Interview: Bob Boniface, Director of Design, GM E-Flex vehicles


    CDN: So are you going to be creating other vehicles using this architecture across other brands? Might we see a Cadillac E-Flex vehicle for example?

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    Car Design of the Year Awards 2007


    Awards for CDN's Car Design of the Year 2007 were presented to the winning design teams during last week's Geneva Motor Show.

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    Design Review: BMW Concept CS


    The sedan is a generic car. The three box profile of hood, cabin and trunk is the bare essence of what a "car" is as an artifact. But this established typology is in decline. The hatchback replaced the smaller sedans several decades ago, and in recent years sales of mid-size ...

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    We invited Peter Stevens to the Shanghai Motor Show. This is what he thought.


    Last week the whole Car Design News team decamped to China for the 2015 edition of the Shanghai Motor Show. Joining us was Peter Stevens, who presented our Car Design Awards China ceremony, as well as scouring the world's largest exhibition for interesting insights for us. Here are his thoughts:

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    Concept Car of the Week: Citroën C-Airlounge (2003)


    This week Citroën previewed its Aircross concept, due to be shown at the Shanghai motor show later this month. It's a demonstration of how not only the market, but also how the brand has changed over recent years.

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    Show Review: New York Auto Show 2015


    Last year's New York Auto Show wasn't a classic, with only one true concept unveiled. Conspiracy theorists (including us) pondered whether part of the problem was its late April start - due to being wedded to the fluctuating Easter calendar and thus clashing with the bigger and more important Beijing ...

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    Car Design Awards China ceremony takes place this Sunday


    The Car Design Awards ceremony is now just days away. To be held at the 800 Show Creative Industry Park in downtown Jing'an, the event will take place on the evening of 19 April, the day before the Shanghai Motor Show begins.

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    Car Design Awards China 2015 competition now open