CES 2019: Kia looks beyond autonomy to well-being


The autonomous pod that cares

Autonomy may be languishing in the trough of disillusionment in the ‘real’ world, but at CES it is still accepted as soon-to-be-realised fact. So now, a number of manufacturers and suppliers are looking beyond autonomy to what’s next in the development of the automotive cabin of the future.

KIA introduced its R.E.A.D. system this week, an idea for an automotive journey focused on well-being. R.E.A.D. stands for Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving, and is intended for both full autonomy and level three or four autonomous vehicles. The system senses a driver’s and passenger’s states of mind and can tune the seats, temperature, audio/video, and other cabin environmental variables. KIA explains the system in this series of videos.

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