Our latest webinar took place on Wednesday 18 November. Entitled Autodesk Alias SpeedForm, it focused on how Alias SpeedForm 2016 software accelerates the creative design process by efficiently transforming 2D sketches and curves into 3D design concepts.

If you weren't able to listen to the webinar first time around, the hour-long presentation is now available.

Listen again to the Autodesk Alias SpeedForm webinar

The webinar teaches how to use Alias SpeedForm 2016 software to quickly establish form directly in 3D; rapidly-explore design variations; converge on physical and digital concept modelling; efficiently exchange data with downstream design workflows and learn the advantages and disadvantages compared to NURBS modelling.

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The webinar was presented by designer Tom Hasenauer, who has been working at EDAG Engineering GmbH in Germany since 2003. He specialises in automotive exterior and interior styling and product design, and has acted as a consultant about styling and quality feel for Asian car manufacturers. He is responsible for the exterior styling of several EDAG concept cars that were shown at the Geneva and Frankfurt Motor Shows.

Hasenauer has extensive knowledge of Autodesk's Alias Speedform, and has been using the software from its early beta test that began in 2013.