You can now listen again to Autodesk's ‘Engineering Visualization for Lighting Design' webinar, which took place on 26 February.

Lighting design has become an important component of a vehicle's brand identity. With lighting visualisation in the Autodesk VRED Professional offering, users can create high-end visualisations and virtual prototypes as part of the automotive development process and in CGI production.

Listen again to Autodesk’s 'Engineering Visualization for Lighting Design’ webinar

Visualisation experts, marketers, and CGI artists can use the full power of its ray tracing render engine to produce realistic and compelling imagery that depicts accurate physical characteristics of materials and lights in real time. Use 3D environments and 2D back-plates to explore, evaluate and present your 3D data in the appropriate context.

The Webinar demonstrated how to use Autodesk VRED Professional 2014 for Lighting Design to create impressive imagery as a result of VRED´s capability to calculate the behaviour of light very realistically.

Participants heard about:

  • Photon Mapping
  • Lighting of interior and exterior
  • Incandescent Materials
  • Ray File
  • IES Light Profile

Presenting the Webinar was SQA engineer Lukas Fäth, previously part of the PI-VR consulting and visualisation team. After graduating in digital media in cooperation with the PI-VR, Lukas was involved in the visual and conceptual development of VRED.

As a 3D artist, he created marketing imagery and tested VRED technology to guide future development. Lukas is responsible for quality assurance, support and consulting, and is a professional VRED trainer for the automotive industry and CGI agencies with a strong artistic knowledge base.

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