For a short period in the late 1980s Nissan produced a series of exceptionally unusual small cars including the retro Pao and Figaro. It is these that immediately spring to mind when looking at the LS which is similarly a pastiche of a 1960s European small car.

This bizarre but charming design has a ?push me, pull me? exterior that folds over the shoulder to encircle the cabin on the inside of the delicate chrome edged glasshouse. Its white rimmed chrome wheels are also echoed inside with a white steering wheel that features gear shift paddles disguised as an old style chrome horn rim. Mesh covered air vents, a rainbow coloured speedometer numerals, instrumentation hung off the steering column and foot shaped pedals are other fun details.

Only oddly massive seats and an unnecessary horizontal feature depression along the flanks perhaps compromise the LS which is otherwise a refreshingly fanciful design that is a unique counterpoint to the other cars at the show.