Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA) unveiled its annual transportation design degree show on May 26th. The students, guided by tutors Li Yong and Hao Ruimin, worked on a wide variety of projects including several sponsored by OEMs such as GAC Motor, Honda China, GAC-Toyota and Geely.


“Compared to last year, diversification was a highlight of this year’s show – there was functionalism, interior study, emotional interior design, individual transportation, exterior design, commercial vehicle design, a stylish supercar and more,” said Li Yong, head of the Transportation Design Studio. “We all know that after 110 years of development, the automobile industry may be facing its greatest transformation, and our students tried hard to answer the question of how that transformation will be designed.”

Check out the links on the right to see the individual students’ work (and here’s a rather lovely video poster).

Cheng Lirong

Huang Jiaguan

Qui Huicong

Wu Tong 

Ye Fushi

Zeng Yimin

Zhang Haimei