With Car Design Dialogues just around the corner (13-15 July), the Car Design News team chooses their highlights from the programme

Car Design Dialogues Asia three-day virtual event kicks off on 13 July and promises a compelling programme of panel discussions, design reviews and in-depth interviews. Here, the Car Design News team unpack the sessions they are most looking forward to. 

CDN has a rich history of coverage of student work and kick-starting graduates’ careers, and being able to continue this during our Design Dialogues event stands true to our ethos of providing a legacy of future designers. On day two we will have the official announcement of the 12th edition CDN China Awards finalists and winners, leading onto the official TAD Student Degree Show beaming in live from Milan. These young talented designers are the lifeblood of our industry, and I am confident they all will be snapped up during this event. Staying connected during these times has been challenging, but the Design Dialogues event will bring people together through the AI networking platform, which has been successfully used in the fashion industry. It will allow all attendees to match with like-minded people and start a conversation. So don’t forget to complete your profile to make the most of it! – Abel Sampson, Head of Commercial Development

We have an incredible mix of design reviews at Car Design Dialogues Asia 2021, ranging from the Hyundai Pony Heritage eV to the Geely Vision Starburst. These two models couldn’t be further apart – the former, a gorgeous revival and modern take on Hyundai’s first mass-produced vehicle with a boxy shape and old school features. The latter, a slick sedan straight out of the space-age. Where else could you get behind-the-scenes access to the studios in which these two very different models were created? – Michael Nash, Deputy Editor

With such a variety of guests, themes and design reviews it is a tough task to pick out a favourite. However, seeing as I have an interest in how car designers can draw on both historic and contemporary culture of their country to find a meaningful design language, the interview with Shiro Nakamura will be informative viewing for any aspiring designer. Nakamura approaches projects with a clear and open mind and is adept at placing himself in the minds of potential users – a designer of great empathy, which accounts for the breathtaking array of vehicles he has designed and overseen. Wonderful stuff. – James McLachlan, Editor

One of the most interesting aspects of car design in China today is how influences come together from multiple cultures, bringing design heritage and artefacts from the US, Germany or Italy, for example, to create a new form language and experience based on developments in China. To that end, one of the items on our agenda that excites me will be from Pininfarina, with a new concept developed across its teams in Shanghai and Italy. I won’t give away much here, but let’s just say it captures something of La Dolce Vita in Italy of bygone years, with the new possibilities in China. In doing so, we can see a new vision for driving and passenger experiences. – Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief