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    Lexus LF-Gh concept


    The 2011 New York International Auto Show will see the launch of the all-new Lexus LF-Gh concept. Designed from a 'clean sheet of paper', the conceptual luxury grand tourer aims to redefine the paradigm.

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    Lexus GS


    Lexus has unveiled the all-new GS sedan at this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. It is the fourth generation of the company's mid-size offering - the first generation was initially designed by Giugiaro in 1990.

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    Updated: Lexus LF-LC Concept


    The Lexus LF-LC concept – a four-seat coupe that will make its debut at the NAIAS in Detroit – has been further unveiled in these latest shots.

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    Lexus ES350/ES300h


    Lexus has unveiled its ES350 and ES300h luxury sedans as part of the 2013 generation of the brand's ES lineup since its introduction over twenty years ago.

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    Lexus LS


    Lexus has revealed its new LS model range, consisting of the LS 460, LS 600h and, for the first time ever, an F Sport version of its flagship model.

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    Lexus LF-CC


    Lexus is set to debut the LF-CC mid-size coupe concept at next week's Paris motor show that will give us a glimpse of the design and technology ideas that will influence the brand's future models.

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    Lexus LS (EU version)


    The fifth-generation Lexus LS is the latest full-size luxury sedan to wear the badge since Toyota's premium brand was introduced in 1989.

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    Lexus IS


    Details and pictures of the new Lexus IS saloon have been revealed ahead of the car’s full debut next week in Detroit.

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    Lexus LF-NX concept


    Lexus' LF-NX mid-size crossover concept, which debuts next week in Frankfurt, explores the possibility of a future model in the carmaker's range that would take on the Range Rover Evoque and Audi Q3.

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    Lexus RC


    The new Lexus RC will take a bow at the Tokyo motor show later this month and, on the evidence of these first pictures, it promises to be well worth a visit to the Lexus stand in Tokyo Big Sight.

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    Lexus RX (2016)


    The fourth-generation Lexus RX has debuted at the New York Auto Show, complete with similarly striking, angular forms to those established on the smaller NX. As its best-selling model, the RX is another, significant step in confirming Lexus' strategy to distance itself from its premium rivals by using refreshingly different ...

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    Design Review: Lexus IS


    The old IS200/300 was a simple concept, clearly targeted at the BMW 3 Series: a sporty, compact executive car with a straight-six engine and RWD, available in sedan or sporty wagon format. This new model is a much more complex product, in some ways more mainstream, in others more sophisticated and focused. The new design direction is meant to express three fundamental elements of the Lexus ‘L-Fin

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    Lexus launches own Design Award contest


    The first Lexus Design Award has been launched that gives the next generation of designers the chance of seeing their work showcased at next year's Milan Design Week.

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    Design Essay: Lexus L-finesse - Sense and Sensuality


    Founded as a loom-making company over a century ago, Toyoda then became the Toyota of today that also owns the Lexus and Daihatsu brands. Its history in manufacturing has given the world 'just in time' and 'quality circle' production strategies, models for efficiency that have been adopted the world over. ...

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    Driven: Lexus GS450h


    Unfortunately this tech-forward effect is ruined by the lack of consistency between each element. The graphical design and quality of the cluster and the corresponding 12-inch centre screen and HUD (which features a rev-counter graphic straight from an 80s child's toy) feel unrelated. It's a shame Lexus doesn't have a ...

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    Driven: Lexus GS450h


    Lexus' identity is still unclear, even 20 years after it launched. Toyota's premium brand has perpetually failed to establish a clear identity of its own due mainly to a lack of consistency and detail refinement across its products.

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    Driven: Lexus IS-F


    The Lexus IS-F is a significant new design for one core reason: it introduces a performance sub-brand parallel to that of the M-cars from BMW, AMG from Mercedes-Benz, and the S and RS sub-brands from Audi. This then is Lexus making a logical next step to further encroach on the ...

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    Video: Lexus LF-CC concept explained by its designers


    We're big fans of the Lexus LF-CC concept after seeing it in Paris. It's not what you would call traditionally beautiful but it's incredibly complex, engagingly off-beat and, most importantly, shows - along with the LF-LC concept - that Lexus may finally have a recipe for distinctive and consistent design.

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    Design Review: Lexus LF-A concept


    The rear aspect of the car, with unique air outlet graphics, lamps that sit on the horizontal upper surface to be read only at their trailing edge, and visible underbody aerodynamics, is more successful than the front of the car. There the profile bends down uncomfortably over the front wheel ...

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    Design Review: Lexus LF-A concept


    Lexus: one of the world's youngest automotive brands, one of the most successful, and one associated predominantly with premium cars stronger on the prosaic values of comfort and peerless reliability than the excitement of dynamic design and sports car associated values.