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  • Nissan LEAF TREE

    Happy Holidays from CDN


    We’re off for the holiday season. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and we’ll see you in 2020!

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    CDN Sketch off 2019


    The inaugural London Motor Show LIVE CDN ‘Sketch off’ took place on 16 May 2019 and saw some some of the UK’s leading universities pitch their brightest design students against one another. Held at this year’s London Motor Show , the ‘Sketch off’ ...

  • CDN Sketch-off LMS 2019 Hui Li winning sketch

    CDN Sketch-off at the London Motor & Tech show


    At this year’s London motor show Mike Brewer compèred the first ever Car Design News live Sketch-off

  • CDN Sketch

    CDN Sketch-off at the London Motor & Tech Show Live


    Our first ever ‘Sketch-off’ will take place at the London Motor Show (ExCeL) on 16th May

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    2018 London Motor Show report


    A focus on local produce certainly didn’t mean a lack of variety inside the ExCeL

  • 20171102_T37_CDN_1.jpg

    Design Development: TVR Griffith


    Charting the rebirth of a British icon, with help from one or two other ones...

  • 20170504 140148

    London Motor Show 2017


    MG launches its SUV, plus more UK debuts

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    Vauxhall Insignia


    The Insignia was the most significant launch at the London Motor Show, showcasing the first production application of Opel's (Vauxhall in the UK) new design philosophy.

  • Stevens Elan Pt2 01

    Lotus Elan from the Type 26 to the 2010 Paris Motor Show concept by Peter Stevens Pt2


    'New Elan' finally reaches production, but not before yet more internal conflict

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    Honda OSM concept preview


    This is the latest image of a new low-emission, lightweight sports car concept Honda will unveil at the London Motor Show later this month. According to the company, the two-seat roadster aims to couple sleek looks with exciting driving dynamics and more efficient engine technology for lower exhaust emissions.

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    Exhibition: Taxis of the World


    Citroën TA 11 BL Unveiled at the 1934 Paris Motor Show, the Traction Avant was the first Citroën design revolution. Produced from 1934 to 1957, it has influenced manufacturers the world over, though Americans remained resolutely attached to rear drive. Citroën was the first manufacturer to control front traction technology ...

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    Design Review: Honda OSM concept


    With the unveiling of the forthcoming Insight in Paris, Honda suddenly has a plethora of hybrid models in their line-up, which seems to be getting slightly confusing. Firstly, there's the Civic hybrid sedan that's been on sale since 2003 and recently facelifted for 2009. Then there's the new Insight concept, ...

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    Design Review: Opel Insignia


    Just as the Insignia's exterior form language features strong use of symmetrical, harmonious shapes to communicate dynamism, the interior carries on the same 'sculpural artistry' philosophy blended with German precision. Adams is candid about recent, previous efforts with the Vectra - "pretty much up to Golf level for quality, ...

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    Design Review: Opel Insignia


    "We have worked incredibly hard to get the sculptural artistry into this car, and it's all about beautiful surfaces combined with these crisp lines of German precision" says Mark Adams, Vice President of design for GM Europe, to a room full of auto industry journalists and analysts. Surely no one, ...