Read on to see the shortlisted entries for the 2023 People Awards 

Car Design News is excited to reveal the shortlisted entries for the 2023 People Awards. Now in its second year after a blockbuster first outing in 2022, the People Awards is a unique proposition for the car industry – celebrating the individuals and teams behind all facets of design. 

Before we go any further, appreciation must go to all those who took the time and effort to get involved – well over 200 entries came in this year. From detailed opening statements to carefully produced supporting presentations, photos and videos, the quality exceeded our already high expectations. There was also a real mix of applications, from individual entries to entire teams; established design educators and unsung heroes; and OEMs, suppliers and start-ups from across the world. 

Now, to the list itself. If you see yourself, your company or simply a familiar name on the list, spread the word on social media – it may lead to an award at the end of the year. See you in London in December! 

Best Clay Modeller - sponsored by Kolb Design Technology

  • Rikard Johansson, Volvo Cars
  • Norihiro Kuroki, Chang’an
  • Mark Welland, Tata Motors
  • Vince Fuller, JLR
  • Subhash Patil, Mahindra & Mahindra

Best CMF Team - sponsored by Generation Phoenix

  • Bentley Batur CMF team
  • Hyundai Europe CMF team
  • Volvo Cars CMF team
  • Range Rover Sport CMF team
  • Mahindra Design CMF team
  • Tata Motors Design CMF team
  • Hyundai Korea CMF team

Best Collaboration - sponsored by Technicon Design

  • Maruti Suzuki ‘Jimny’ personalisation team
  • ‘AI-FusionX’ – Incari, L2Concept, Factory Unit & Dynaudio
  • ‘Matter’ thought leadership incubator
  • ‘Collaboration Manual’ by Meridian Audio & JLR
  • Lotus Strategic Design Team
  • Mahindra Design & Mahindra Racing

Best Digital Modelling Team - sponsored by Linkage Design

  • Mahindra Advanced Design Europe modelling team – Thar.e
  • Changan Global Design Centre Digital Modelling Team
  • Aston Martin Digital Surfacing Team
  • Hyundai California Digital Design Team
  • Lotus Digital Modelling Team
  • JLR Digital Modelling Team
  • Mahindra Design - BE Rall_E CAS Team
  • GAC China Production Modelling Team
  • Hyundai Global Digital Design Team

Best Exterior Design Team - sponsored by Autodesk

  • Mahindra Advanced Design Europe Exterior Design Team
  • Caterham Project V Exterior Design Team
  • SAIC Design UK – MG Cyberster Exterior Design Team
  • Range Rover Sport SV - Design Team
  • Ford of Europe Exterior Design Team – Passenger Vehicles
  • Volvo EX30 Exterior Design Team
  • Citroen Oli Exterior Design Team
  • Hyundai Global Exterior Design Team

Best Interior Design Team - sponsored by Ultrafabrics

  • Mahindra Advanced Design Europe Interior Design Team
  • Hyundai Interior Design Team Korea
  • Lincoln Interior Design Team
  • Bentley Interior Design Team
  • Zeekr Interior Design Team
  • Volvo Interior Design Team
  • Tata Motors Interior Design Team
  • Citroen Design Team

Best Lighting Design Team

  • Lynk & Co Exterior Lighting Design Team
  • Chang’an Component Creative Design Department
  • Hyundai Lighting Design Team Namyang
  • Volvo Lighting Design Team
  • Range Rover Lighting Design Team
  • SEAT/Cupra Exterior Illumination Team

Best Sketcher

  • Christopher Shaw – Mahindra
  • Jannik Becker, General Motors
  • Paolo Liuzzi, SAIC
  • Thomas Lienhart, Zeekr
  • Robert Engelmann, Ford Design Europe
  • Tino Segui, JLR
  • Paul Piliste, Mahindra Design

Best UX Design Team - sponsored by Changan

  • Chang’an Global Design Center UX Design Team
  • MG UI/UX Design Team
  • Ford of Europe Commercial Vehicles UX Team
  • Volvo Cars UX Team
  • JLR UI Design Team
  • Lotus Tech Creative Centre UX/UI Team
  • Harman

Beyond Automotive Design

  • Archer Innovation & Design Team
  • Jennifer Kolstad, Ford Motor Company
  • Hyundai Commercial Design Team
  • GAC Strategy Design Team
  • Toyota Boshoku Advanced Design Team

Challenging the Industry - sponsored by Volvo Cars

  • Polestar Design Team
  • Patrick Jordan Patrikios
  • Hyundai ‘Sidestick’ Development Team
  • Lucid Motors

Design Educator of the Year - sponsored by Mahindra Design

  • Dale Harrow, RCA
  • Kimberly Marte, ArtCenter College of Design
  • James Hope, China Academy of Art
  • Shaun Hutchinson, Coventry University
  • Richard Gilmartin, Staffordshire University

Most Supportive Design Leader - sponsored by Konzepthaus Consulting

  • Julian Thomson, GM Advanced Design Europe
  • Saurabh Singh, Maruti Suzuki India Studio
  • Carl Gotham, SAIC
  • Jorge Furuya, Volvo Cars
  • Mark Butler, JLR
  • JP Gregory, Lotus
  • Song Hyun, Hyundai Interior Design
  • Pratap Bose, Mahindra

Most Sustainable Design Team

  • Mahindra Advanced Design Europe
  • Toyota/Lexus CMFX team Japan
  • JLR Clay Modelling Team
  • Volvo Design Team
  • Citroen Oli Design Team

Undiscovered Talent

  • Zicheng Cui, Coventry University
  • Wang Xiqiao, Strate College
  • Reuben Roberts, Coventry
  • Richard Newman, RCA
  • Swapnil Desai, Strate Ecole de Design
  • Joshua Roberts, Coventry
  • Zhe Huang, Beihang University

Formal judging will now be carried out by distinguished designers from across the industry. A day has been set aside for the process to be carried out LIVE, with judges unable to vote for themselves or another brand within their group; final votes are entirely unbiased and given on merit alone.