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  • VW ID3 - ext F3Q L & side

    Underpromising and overdelivering in the age of the software-defined vehicle


    In an era in which brands like Audi, Volkswagen as well as start-ups such as Fisker, are asking customers to put their faith in an entirely new technology, maybe OEMs are better off underpromising and overdelivering, writes Drew Smith

  • Canoo pickup 169

    The expanding universe of the pick-up truck


    Times, and powertrains, are changing – Karl Smith investigates how the pickup truck is finding itself in the middle of an ever-expanding universe of products

  • Tesla Model 3 hero

    Driven: Tesla Model 3


    Pushing reductionism to the extreme, the delectable Model 3 shows less can be more. Michael Nash gets behind the wheel of Tesla’s most affordable EV

  • 2019 Byton M-Byte production - int dash2

    State of the Screen


    As technology has become more prevalent in car design, interiors have been marked by a steady proliferation of touchscreens. Guy Bird explores the near future to discover whether the black mirror is here for good

  • ICON-Launch-3

    In-car virus busters


    We are used to seeing futuristic in-car santising solutions in concept cars for an autonomous future but it seems recent Covid-related events have triggered a rush to market in China, and they are already in production cars.

  • Hyundai Virtual Seat Buck 3

    Seating Trends: Driver centred solutions


    Designing the cabin to allow the driver to sit in the centre and the development of lighter, more sustainable seats

  • Byton M-Byte_interior

    Design Essay: Big Screen, Big Problem?


    Integrating screens in car interiors comes with a set of significant problems, from aesthetic decisions to considering the life-cycle of the vehicle. You could argue that how screens are handled within the instrument panel highlights many of the wider creative challenges of mobility design 

  • Mercedes-Benz EQC_2

    Screens unlocks user experience

    2019-10-21T13:38:00Z Sponsored by

    Screens is a new service from Deutsche Automotive that is designed to help user-experience teams understand their competitors’ systems at a deeper level. Rather than benchmarking the physical characteristics of in-car systems, Screens uses a consistent heuristic walkthrough of a cars’ interface—with clear explanations of how different functions work and how many clicks/touches it takes to get there—to build a true experiential benchmark. 

  • CDN_Frankfurt_IAA General-31

    Trend Report: Frankfurt 2019


    Analysing the biggest automotive design trends at Europe’s biggest motor show, before we head further afield – centring around the Frankfurt motor show that generated a certain amount of controversy from the start

  • cdn-tesla-model-3-interior

    HMI walk through: Tesla Model 3 head unit

    2019-09-25T08:39:00Z Sponsored by

    New video walk through from Screens on the Tesla Model 3’s head unit. A comprehensive video narrative of the user experience of the dominant display unit in Tesla’s 3 Series rival, including customising screens and navigating through all the different tiles and sub-menus

  • CDN-Screens-Tesla-Model3-HMI

    HMI walk through: Tesla Model 3 central display

    2019-07-16T08:58:00Z Sponsored by

    HMI benchmarkers Screens review the central display of the Tesla Model 3, which neatly provides essential functionality while stripping away anything that isn’t needed in everyday life

  • Exeed E-IUV Concept-3

    Shanghai 2019 overview


    Now the dust has settled on the biggest auto show of the year, we asked Drew Meehan join the dots of what we saw in April in Shanghai

  • CDN-Screens-Tesla-Model-3-v2

    HMI walk through: Tesla Model 3 Easter Eggs function

    2019-06-14T14:37:00Z Sponsored by

    HMI benchmarkers Screens review the Tesla Model 3 2019’s HMI ”Easter Eggs” function in their latest video

  • 20180517_140055.jpg

    2018 London Motor Show report


    A focus on local produce certainly didn’t mean a lack of variety inside the ExCeL

  • marzal

    Geneva 2018: Did you spot..?


    It’s all about the little things at Geneva

  • 20170912_130037.jpg

    Frankfurt 2017: Thunder Power


    New electric SUV concept and prototype sedan displayed ahead of production in 2019/20

  • model 3 dashboard - head on view.jpg

    First Sight: Tesla Model 3


    Elon Musk’s electric car for the masses finally makes its official debut