Webinars: Design and visualization of materials and textures
08 Jan 2010
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Visualization of carbon fiber materials by RTT
Designer working with RTT DeltaTex software
Acuity rendering

CDN's first webinar 'Go Virtual: Design and Visualization of Materials and Textures' was presented by RTT on 27 January, 2010. View the recorded webinar in our archive by clicking the above link or find out more in the original article below. 

Marian Johannes Endres, Product Management
Interior visualization
Michele Hess, Materials

Car Design News is launching a series of free webinars which will be a new source of information for designers. The series will start with three webinars over the next three months on the subjects of virtual materials, interior lighting, and ecological microfibers respectively.

Users will be able to view them live via a weblink sent after completing a free registration form, or see them later in an archive accessed via CDN. Each webinar will last about 45 minutes, including a Q&A session. The series kicks off on 27 January.

You may be familiar with webinars, but if not the process of 'attending' is simple. You register, receive a weblink and a password, are asked to check that your computer has a certain minimum specification, and are sent reminders. At the appointed time you log on and watch/listen.

The presentations use voice and pictures. Questions can be submitted at any time via your keyboard, and the presenters will respond in real time to as many as possible.

Each of the webinars is sponsored, and specialists from the sponsoring company will make or lead the presentations.

The series being announced today is:

Design and Visualization of Materials and Textures
27 January 2010, at 15.00 GMT

Sponsor:  RTT

Delivered by Michele Hess, Materials Research, and Marian Johannes Endres, Product Management

Covers the what, why and how of virtual materials and textures. The 'what' addresses how materials research provides insights for future trends; the ‘why' focuses on virtual prototyping, and the significance of digital materials in different design contexts and industries; and the 'how' shows tools that aid the design process and help bring new material concepts to life. (Registration for this event is NOW CLOSED)

LEDs for automotive interiors
17 February 2010, at 14.30 GMT 

Sponsor: Osram Opto Semiconductors

Delivered by Michael Godwin, Director for Visible LEDs

Covers visualization, illumination and sensing in designing the lighting for next generation automotive interiors using LEDs. (Registration for this event is NOW CLOSED)

Ecological microfibers for automotive interiors
31 March 2010, at 15:00 GMT  

Sponsor: Miko

Delivered by Lorenzo Terraneo, CEO

Covers the application of Dinamica Evolution materials for areas like seat and roof/door panels, as well as for items like the steering wheel, gear shift and parking brake. (Registration for this event is NOW CLOSED)

Registration for each webinar opens about three weeks before it is to be delivered. Further webinars in the series will be announced in coming months.

For information on presenting a webinar, please email us at advertising@cardesignnews.com.