A new two-seater MG could be on the horizon, and it’s electric

SAIC, the Chinese parent company of MG Motor, has released renderings of a new concept car called the Cyberster. Few details have been confirmed, but the initial images show clear intent in terms of design direction.

The electric two-seat roadster has a long front-end and a short rear – a shape that is reminiscent of old MGs – with large oval headlamps. The boxy rear is sharp and characterised by the LED strip that runs the width of the concept. 

Mg E Motion 10

MG E-motion

The last electric concept we saw from MG took a completely different form. At the Shanghai motor show back in 2017, the company showcased the E-motion EV concept – an electric coupe that was said to be going into production in 2021. 

Roewe R-Aura concept

Roewe R-Aura concept

SAIC also recently released images of another electric concept called the Roewe R-Aura. The sporty sedan includes a large solar roof and LED light strips that wrap around the front and rear. We have also seen images that show a foldaway screen in the IP - we will bring you images and more information on this very soon.