The Kodo design language rolls onward in the form of the new Mazda 3 which debuted yesterday in the form of a three-box sedan and a hatchback.


It's not often you see a compact car become the design darling of the show, but that just might be the case here. Nothing else seems as refined and fresh, as Ikuo Maeda and his team have brought the elegant sensibilities of the Kodo design language to bear on class of car difficult to bring into a design realm beyond "cute".


Designers we spoke with generally agree the sedan is the more refined of the two, with flowing lines and surfacing and elegant proportions.

The hatchback is a bit more controversial. We saw many passers by running their hands along its rounded rump. Some thought it was heavy and overweight. Others appreciated the curves and thought it was some sweet boo-tay.


We will leave you to review these initial photos and decide for yourself.