A highly original concept from the recent Coventry degree show

Yuhao Li’s auonomous reading room is a shared vehicle concept. As the pace of life accelerates, Li believes that people’s reading habits will change. Spending a whole day in the library will become a luxury and an outdated habit. “More people will use their fragmentation time to read,” he says.  Especially when travelling in vehicles.

Li Yuhao_MRS_010

Li Yuhao - Mobile Reading Space in action


”The most important part is a flexible transparent roof made of a material called ETFE membrane, which is used to switch between the two modes. When the vehicle is idle, the entire space opens and becomes part of a public space in the city. People can come in to read, rest, and talk. The user can book the trip on the mobile device, the car will close the roof, switch to the mobile mode, and automatically drive to pick up the passengers to complete the trip. The design language of the whole car comes from simple, clear, rational and pure architecture. The layered structure and the transparent roof together create a gray space, which is a concept from architectural design. This blurs the boundaries between the interior and the exterior, making the whole car more like a modernist building that blends perfectly with the urban space. The lighting system inside the vehicle guarantees comfortable reading lighting. At the same time, it will emit a soft horizontal flow light that is consistent with the state of motion of the vehicle. It can transmit the motion signal to the brain through the passenger’s residual light, thus alleviating the motion sickness caused by reading.”