China Report: Bordrin’s customer-led design

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Chinese EV start-up Bordrin will not create the conventional ‘family face’ for its range of production cars. Instead, as CEO Ximing Huang and designer Yaoke Zhang told Car Design News, models will be wholly tailored to each demographic

Had you caught a cab in Beijing in the ‘90s or even early ‘00s, chances are it would have been a Xiali, a brand consisting of a range of vehicles based on the third generation Daihatsu Charade. Despite poor quality, the cheap price made them attractive vehicles for taxi usage. However, what was once China’s second best-selling brand was defunct by 2015.

With the changing fortunes of the Chinese car industry, the Tianjin factory is going to get a new lease of life thanks to a joint venture between FAW Tianjin and new Chinese EV startup Bordrin. Like many of the new startups, Bordrin, at least for its first two models, will contract the production out – a new factory they have under construction in Nanjing won’t come online until 2022.

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